You are sure to find an announcement that fits your style in my list of 27 Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Your Family!

Congrats on your new baby! Whether it’s your first baby or you’re adding another addition to your family, it’s an exciting time. Here are 27 unique and creative ways to announce your pregnancy to your family.

I’ve included seasonal announcement options, long-distance options, funny pregnancy announcement ideas, and everything in between so you have a huge variety to choose from.

27 Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Your Family

1. Willow Tree Figurine

This is a great option for future grandparents who like knick-knacks and figurines. A willow tree doll of two parents holding their newborn is a keepsake they will treasure for many years to come. Willow Tree also has a beautiful option of a mother holding her pregnant belly. With our first baby, we used this to break the news to my in-laws. It took them a minute to figure out what we were saying. They stared at the figurine, then tears filled their eyes and they exclaimed, “Really???!” That was over a decade ago and they still have it displayed.

best way to announce pregnancy to family

2. Christmas Ornament Reveal

If it’s around the Christmas holidays and you are ready to let your family in on the good news you are expecting, a personalized ornament is a cute way to do it. You could wrap it as a gift for your family members to open, or simply hang it on the tree in a very conspicuous place so it’s sure to be noticed. This idea would work great to reveal to older siblings as well. An ornament with “big brother” or “big sister” is one of many creative ideas to reveal your exciting news. Here’s a gender-neutral and adorable We’re Expecting ornament.

unique ways to announce pregnancy

3. Christmas Present from Santa

Another great idea for a Christmas big reveal is this one for children who believe in Santa Claus. To announce to your child that they are going to be a big sister or a big brother, wrap a gift with a special message letter straight from the North Pole announcing there is a wonderful gift on the way, but delivery has been delayed. This is a perfect way to include your due date and announce baby number 2 (or 3 or 4 or 5…). This method won’t only work for children. It’s an adorable and memorable way to announce to grandparents as well. It comes with a Santa envelope too. Find the Personalized Santa Letter here.

christmas pregnancy announcement idea

4. For long distance family and friends

A great way to share the big news with those you can’t be with in person is to ship a personalized gift. This could be a willow tree figure, a customized baby onesie, or a coming soon mug. Give instructions ahead of time that you shipped a gift, but they must video chat call you before they open it. You will want to see your parent’s faces when they open it. Even shipping them a sonogram photo, or a photo of the two of you holding the sonogram photo is a fun way to share your pregnancy news.

Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

5. Eviction Notice

Plan a family dinner around your big announcement. Have an “eviction notice” printed out like this one. Hang it on the refrigerator, leave it on your countertop, or have it on the dinner table. What will appear to be shocking bad news, will actually turn out to be shocking good news. This one is editable, instantly downloadable, and inexpensive.

ways to announce pregnancy in person

6. Fortune Cookie Announcement

Here are more fun pregnancy announcement ideas. This is one of my favorites. Plus I craved Chinese food with my second pregnancy. Fortune cookies are a cute idea for memorable pregnancy announcements. Create a Chinese takeout dinner night. Immediate family or your closest friends could each bring a dish. At the end of dinner, pass out your custom fortune cookies. Make sure to confiscate any fortune cookies that may have come from the restaurant. Have your phone ready for photos and videos to capture the moment. Get them here.

sneaky way to announce pregnancy to family

7. Game Night

This is a creative idea to share your special news with close friends or older children who are able to read. This Custom Uno Game is such a fun way to share the news and celebrate that baby is on the way. What appears to be ordinary uno actually has your news hidden in it. Find it here.

ways to announce pregnancy in person

8. Funny Shirts

A T-shirt with the words “Ice Ice…” is perfect to see who can catch on first (a reference to the famous 90’s Vanilla Ice song). This one comes in a variety of colors on Amazon Prime. There’s also this “Pregosaurus” shirt and “The One Where Everyone Finds Out We’re Pregnant.” Both of those are a bit less subtle. And one of my favorites, “I tested positive, but not for covid.” It comes in ten color options.

best way to announce pregnancy in person

9. 1, 2, 3, cheese!

Get the family or friends together and announce that it’s time to take a group photo. Get it all set up. You can plan to take the photo or set up the timer on your phone. You could even sneakily record the whole thing while everyone thinks they’re posing for a photo. Say ok, everyone ready? One, two, three, I’m pregnant!!!” The photo/video will capture some great reactions.

best way to announce pregnancy to family

The Best Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Your Family

10. A cake with “Congrats Grandpa” or “Congrats Grandma” written on it

This is what we went with for my second baby announcement. We had my family over for a dinner night and when we were all ready for dessert, I handed the cake box to my dad and asked him to cut the cake. He opened the box, and I’ll never forget the smile that crept across his face.

ways to announce pregnancy in person

11. Lottery Tickets

What a fun reveal idea to do in a group of people! Everyone gets a lottery card to see if they have the winning numbers. You could even make up a backstory that you had purchased one and won a little money, so you decided to get everyone some. As the cards are scratched off, it’s revealed that you’re having a baby! That’s the best luck of all. Get them here!

ways to announce pregnancy in person

12. Personalized wine label

This is a unique and celebratory way to announce your pregnancy to friends or family. Ordering wine labels are inexpensive and a fun way to surprise loved ones with the news. A toast is sure to come! Make sure that there is a non-alcoholic option for the expecting mother so she can also be a part of the toast. This label, “Drink this for me because I’m a mommy to be” is a fun option.” You could also forego the wine label, and go with the chic wine bag option.

sneaky way to announce pregnancy to family

13. Beer Labels

Maybe your friends and family are more beer drinkers than wine drinkers. We live in Birmingham where local breweries have become all the rage, and rightfully so. We have some great ones. Instead of wine labels, you can purchase these custom beer labels. They are fun logos that announce your news to your friends over a drink. Here’s one of my favorites for the Uncle to be.

funny pregnancy announcement ideas

14. “You can stop asking now” Onesie

Did anyone else get asked over and over again when you were going to have kids???? I think it’s probably one of the most common questions couples receive after getting married. This onesie is a funny rebuttal to this specific question. It’s a funny way to announce your pregnancy. Find it here.

pregnancy announcement for grandparents

15. A personalized dog bandana for your fur baby to wear

So many of us are adding a human baby to our family that already has a fur baby in it. Why not let your fur baby be the one to announce the news? A custom dog bib is a fun way to involve man’s best friend in the big reveal that your family is growing. Get it here.

best ways to announce pregnancy

16. Picture Frame

There are many picture frame options to reveal your big news: grandparents frames, coming soon frames, and love at first sight frames. The beauty of picture frames is they automatically become a treasured keepsake even as your baby grows. This one is one of Amazon’s top sellers!

best ways to announce pregnancy

17. Coffee cup Barista Reveal

We used this idea to reveal our pregnancy to one of our friends. Instead of your name being written on the cup, ask your barista to write your pregnancy message. Most of them are excited to be involved in this big event. If you feel funny about asking them to do it, bring your own sharpie, and write it yourself on the cup.

18. Coffee Mug Reveal

Another idea for the coffee fan. There are many mugs to choose from that reveal the pregnancy to grandparents, aunts, and uncles. You could purchase one of these, serve them their tea or coffee, and leave it at that. There are also mugs that have the message at the bottom of the cup, meaning they won’t see the news until they are on the last sip of their drink. Get it here.

pregnancy announcement dad to be

27 Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Your Family

19. Let your child reveal the news

We were on our third baby when we decided we were going to let one of our other children reveal the news we were pregnant again. We had a custom shirt made for our daughter that said, “I’m going to make a great big sister!” When we knew the grandparents were coming over, we dressed her in the shirt and let the reveal unfold. A “Big Brother” shirt or similar would do the job too!

20. A hobby related reveal

Are you revealing to someone who loves to fish? A custom fishing lure would be a fun way to reveal the news that you are expecting. Or perhaps they love golf. Custom printed golf pencils or golf balls are another fun way to let the cat out of the bag to a golf enthusiast. Think about the hobbies of the person you are revealing too, and plan a gift around that.

pregnancy announcement grandparents

21. Plot twist onesie for the surprise pregnancy

Did you think your family was complete only to find out you had another one on the way? Or were you pregnant long before you had planned to be? This Plot Twist Onesie is a fun way to reveal your surprising pregnancy news to loved ones.

unique ways to announce pregnancy

22. “We’re having a baby” spoon

Perfect to serve with an end of the night dessert to announce you’re expecting. This is also a sweet way to reveal to the dad you two are expecting when he goes to eat his cereal. It can also be a fun way to see who notices in your family first when you have replaced their spoons with these. Find it here.

best way to announce pregnancy in person

23. A pregnancy reveal puzzle

Possibly the best way to reveal to puzzlers! Anyone who loves a good puzzle will appreciate this pregnancy reveal! These custom puzzles allow you to put your pregnancy message or photo on a puzzle, only to be revealed as it’s put together. Get is here!

24. Crack the egg announcement

This idea has caught on enough that many will understand what you are trying to tell them by simply opening the box. But the eggs really are so pretty and make great photos. There are these golden egg options along with wizardry eggs for the Harry Potter fans. Here’s a great Crack the Egg option.

pregnancy reveal

25. Baby Themed Dinner

Here’s a throwback idea from the 90’s family hit show Full House. I grew up with DJ Tanner! The episode is when Aunt Becky is trying to reveal their pregnancy news to Uncle Jesse. It doesn’t go as planned, but yours will go better! Serve baby back ribs, baby carrots, baby corn, baby bell cheese, baby spinach, cornish hen (mini chicken), and mini cupcakes or petit fours for dessert. Want to be sure they pick up on the theme? Use a letter felt board (this one comes with a coupon and many color options) or a printed menu so they can see the words “baby.”

26. “Take it easy on me. My wife is pregnant” Shirt

Let him be the big reveal. This one would work for a video call reveal or in-person reveal. He could wear a hoodie or sweater over his shirt until you are ready to break the news. You could make a big fuss over it, “Oh we found THE best shirt…” as he displays your big news. Click here to get it.

pregnancy reveal shirt

27. Big Things Start in This Little Box

Did you see the viral video of the woman that left her pregnancy test on top of the dad’s cup of tea? It didn’t go viral due to that, but because of the husband’s reaction to the fact that they were “too old” to be having any more kids. I couldn’t help but think, “There’s urine on that!” (It’s the nurse in me.) If you want to include your pregnancy test in your big reveal, this is a fun way to do it where it doesn’t cross-contaminate with food or drinks. This little wooden box makes for a fun surprise reveal that big things are on the way.

27 Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Your Family

I hope you enjoyed this list of 27 Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Your Family! Be sure not to miss out on 11 of the Best Maternity Dresses for a Photo Shoot. I did all the research for you so you could find a great option within your budget.

Did you come up with a reveal idea that I didn’t? I would love to hear them in the comments.

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