Here is my compilation of 100+ of the best baby middle names for Evelyn. Plus the meaning, origin, and scripture verse.

I have worked hard to find the perfect middle name to fit your little girl. From baby name books to baby name lists, to my postpartum nursing experience taking care of new moms and babies, you are sure to find some great baby names below. Here are 100+ of the best baby middle names for Evelyn. Plus the meaning, origin, and scripture verse for this sweet name. The girl name Evelyn is a beautiful name for your baby girl!

Evelyn is a classic name that is used today because of its unique nature. Whether you use it because it’s a family name, because it sounds great with your last name, or simply because you love it, it’s a beautiful choice for your daughter Evelyn. “Little Evelyn” is great on its own, but also has the versatility to pair it with short names to make it a two-syllable name (Evelyn Rae). Not all names work well in that way! There are many different ways to stylize the unique name “Evelyn” for your new baby girl. Evelyn is such a timeless name!

100+ of the Best Baby Middle Names for Evelyn

Below is a list of the best middle names that you can find. I only pick names that I feel work well with “Baby Evelyn,” and I never copy and paste lists of names. I know you diligently research what to name your baby, and I want you to know, I do the same! I’m here to help you make this important decision and find the perfect name for your baby.

I searched and prayed for months before choosing my baby’s names. I wanted to be sure they had good meanings and also fit the purpose that I felt was on their lives. If you ever feel stuck when looking through these beautiful middle names, I encourage you to look up their meanings as well. Sometimes this alone can help narrow down the options. It’s also a good idea to consider what your child’s initials will be when picking names.  I’m here to help you pick the best middle name for the first name Evelyn.

100+ of the Best Baby Middle Names for Evelyn

Meaning of the Name Evelyn

The meaning of Evelyn is hazelnut or radiant.

Similar names and alternate spellings: Evalina, Evaline, Evelynne.

Common nicknames are “Evie” and “Lynn.”

Scripture Verse for Evelyn

The scripture verse for Evelyn from The Name Book (my favorite baby name book) is 1 John 2:8 NASB, “The darkness is passing away and the true Light is already shining.”

Origin of Evelyn

Many believe that Evelyn started out as an English surname that began to popularize in the 1900’s. Though of English origin, it began to be known as an Irish name.

Others believe the name Evelyn is not an English name but one from French origin. Some believe Evelyn is derived from the French name Aveline.

Then there’s the theory that Evelyn is a combination of “Eve” and “Lynn.” Eve has Hebrew origins, and Lynn is a Welsh name from the middle ages meaning lake. No matter the origin, Evelyn is a beautiful old-fashioned name that is timeless.

According to the social security administration, Evelyn has been in the top 500 girls name since the 1900’s. This sweet girls’ name has risen in popularity over the last century. It became more of a popular name in the year 2000 making the top 10 girl names in the United States.

2020 was its peak popularity year becoming the 9th most popular girl’s name. Evelyn still remains a popular girl’s name today. Evelyn is considered a feminine name and doesn’t usually categorize in unisex names. It also makes the list of popular middle names in recent years possibly thanks to vintage names becoming trendy.

Famous People Named Evelyn

  • Evelyn M. Anderson (1899–1985), American physiologist and biochemist
  • Evelyn Ankers (1918–1985), American actress
  • Evelyn Ashford (born 1957), America female sprinter, gold medalist of the women’s 100 meters running during the 1984 Summer Olympics
  • Evelyn Aswad (fl. 1990s–2020s), American legal scholar and professor at the University of Oklahoma College of Law
  • Evelyn Margaret Ay (1933–2008), American beauty pageant winner (Miss America, 1954)
  • Evelyn Vida Baxter (1879–1959), Scottish ornithologist
  • Evelyn Beauchampnée Herbert (1901–1980), daughter of 5th Earl of Carnarvon and one of the first in people in modern times to enter Tutankhamun’s tomb
  • Evelyn Berezin (1925–2018), American computer designer best known for designing the first computer-driven word processor
  • Evelyn Bonaci (1916–2008), Maltese politician
  • Evelyn Lozada, an American TV personality
  • Evelyn Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis
  • For more famous Evelyns, click here.

100+ of the Best Baby Middle Names for Evelyn

Have you learned something new about the name Evelyn so far? It’s fun learning about a name’s origin and meaning. Below I hope you find the beautiful name combination you are looking for in this ultimate list of middle name ideas for the baby name Evelyn. 

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100+ of the Best Baby Middle Names for Evelyn

  1. Evelyn Abigail
  2. Evelyn Ada
  3. Evelyn Adara
  4. Evelyn Addison
  5. Evelyn Ainsley
  6. Evelyn Alexa
  7. Evelyn Alexandra
  8. Evelyn Alice
  9. Evelyn Amara
  10. Evelyn Amber
  11. Evelyn Amelia
  12. Evelyn Amery
  13. Evelyn Aniah
  14. Evelyn April
  15. Evelyn Ardell
  16. Evelyn Arly
  17. Evelyn Aubrey
  18. Evelyn Audrey
  19. Evelyn Aurora
  20. Evelyn Aya
  21. Evelyn Bailey
  22. Evelyn Beatrice
  23. Evelyn Beckett
  24. Evelyn Belle
  25. Evelyn Blaine
  26. Evelyn Blaire
  27. Evelyn Blake
  28. Evelyn Breann
  29. Evelyn Breck
  30. Evelyn Brianna
  31. Evelyn Bridge
  32. Evelyn Brinley
  33. Evelyn Brook
  34. Evelyn Cala
  35. Evelyn Camille
  36. Evelyn Cara
  37. Evelyn Carlisle
  38. Evelyn Caroline
  39. Evelyn Carter
  40. Evelyn Cheri
  41. Evelyn Christine
  42. Evelyn Claire
  43. Evelyn Cora
  44. Evelyn Daisy
  45. Evelyn Daley
  46. Evelyn Danielle
  47. Evelyn Darcy
  48. Evelyn Dawn
  49. Evelyn Deanna
  50. Evelyn Delores
  51. Evelyn Drew
  52. Evelyn Echo
  53. Evelyn Eileen
  54. Evelyn Elise
  55. Evelyn Faith
  56. Evelyn Faye
  57. Evelyn Gabrielle
  58. Evelyn Genevieve
  59. Evelyn Grace
  60. Evelyn Gracie
  61. Evelyn Graham
  62. Evelyn Greer
  63. Evelyn Gwynn
  64. Evelyn Hadassah
  65. Evelyn Hadley
  66. Evelyn Halle
  67. Evelyn Hamilton
  68. Evelyn Harper
  69. Evelyn Haven
  70. Evelyn Heather
  71. Evelyn Hollis
  72. Evelyn Irene
  73. Evelyn Ivy
  74. Evelyn Jade
  75. Evelyn James
  76. Evelyn Jane
  77. Evelyn Janelle
  78. Evelyn Jolene
  79. Evelyn Joy
  80. Evelyn June
  81. Evelyn Kate
  82. Evelyn Kay
  83. Evelyn Kennedy
  84. Evelyn Laine
  85. Evelyn Lark
  86. Evelyn Lucille
  87. Evelyn Mabel
  88. Evelyn Macy
  89. Evelyn Mae
  90. Evelyn Marie
  91. Evelyn Mia
  92. Evelyn Milan
  93. Evelyn Naomi
  94. Evelyn Nicole
  95. Evelyn Noel
  96. Evelyn Nora
  97. Evelyn Opal
  98. Evelyn Paige
  99. Evelyn Patience
  100. Evelyn Pearl
  101. Evelyn Piper
  102. Evelyn Rae
  103. Evelyn Reese
  104. Evelyn Renee
  105. Evelyn River
  106. Evelyn Rose
  107. Evelyn Sage
  108. Evelyn Victoria
  109. Evelyn Wilder

100+ of the Best Baby Middle Names for Evelyn

If you made it this far, well done! I know it can be tough to find the right name combo. I hope you find the perfect fit soon! Best wishes to you.

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