Mamas need love too! Looking for a great gift for a pregnant mama that isn’t geared towards her baby? Here are the best gifts for pregnant women (not their baby) in 2024.

I have rounded up a list of my best gift ideas for you from my nursing years of working with pregnant moms and being one several times myself. This gift guide is designed to give lots of different options that fit any budget. For the foodie mom, the health-conscious mom, the mom who has it all, the mindful mom, and everything in between, you will find the perfect gift! Here are 47 of the best gifts for pregnant women (not baby) in 2024.

A new baby is on the way! Hooray! It’s a wonderful time to celebrate. Whether this is the first pregnancy or the fifth, it’s always a good idea to get not just baby, but mom a little something too. Pregnancy isn’t usually a walk in the park. It comes with discomfort, aches, and many life changes. A pregnant present is a sweet way to let her know you care.

It’s also a great way to let her know you are celebrating with her and are along for the ride. Life may be changing, but the friendship can grow deeper along the way. Let’s get right to the gift ideas so you can find the perfect gift.

47 Best Gifts for Pregnant Women (not baby) in 2024

1. Take her to dinner

What’s her favorite restaurant? Has she had specific cravings? Maybe it’s just me, but it always blessed my socks off when people brought me food or took me out to dinner. Plus, now is a great time to do it. Once her baby comes, it is much harder to go out to dinner, and her free time will be limited. Get in lots of bonding time with your best friend now.

2. Pregnancy Pillow

Oh, the sleepless nights that can come once our belly really starts growing! It can be tough to get into a good position for a good night’s rest. But can a pregnancy pillow really help? YES! This practical gift really does make a world of difference. It can prop the belly and align the hips, knees, and ankles all at the same time. Nurse Tip: Make sure to pick one that is long enough to support her ankles as well! Here’s a good one.

3. “A Mom is Born” Book

A Mom is Born is a book written by Rachael Elmore. Rachael is a postpartum therapist who shares her years of wisdom to help soon-to-be and new mothers prepare for motherhood. She includes how to stop intrusive thoughts and manage new emotions. A Mom is Born is a must-read for women as they embark on this new journey of motherhood. Order it here.

4. Spinning Babies® Daily Essentials Video

Spinning Babies® Daily Essentials Video is a digital download that includes a 35-minute stretch routine, tips for moving and resting smarter in pregnancy, and a 28-minute pregnancy yoga flow. This is a unique instructional video for comfort in pregnancy now and in her upcoming birth. Spinning Babies uses physiology and balance to prepare mothers for birth. A perfect present for the mindful mother! Get it here.

5. A New Water Bottle

The task of staying hydrated can be daunting when we’re pregnant. Especially because being dehydrated can cause uncomfortable contractions. An encouraging water bottle can help her stay on goal for her daily water intake. And bonus: it will be great to have on hand if she’s breastfeeding! Nursing moms often need more than eight cups of water every day to produce enough milk. See it here.

6. Prenatal Massage

A pregnancy massage makes a terrific gift for an expecting mom! With our growing baby can come aches, pains, and tired muscles. If you purchase a gift certificate for a massage make sure it’s a pregnancy massage. These are with massage therapists who are licensed to work with pregnant women.

7. Prenatal Exercise Class Gift Certificate

There are overall very few times in our lives that we can take classes like this in a community of people who are in the same season of life as ourselves. Gifting a class gives her the opportunity to connect with other moms. It also helps her incorporate movement into her life which can ease pregnancy symptoms and aid in better comfort.

8. Pregnancy Journal

It’s too easy to forget all the good parts of pregnancy. And one day, you may even want to remember the bad stuff too. My daughter asked me just the other day, “Mom, what could you not stand the smell of when you were pregnant with me?” I answered, “Coffee and laundry detergent, but I can’t remember what else.” A pregnancy journal helps her keep up with all of those answers for many years to come.

9. Glow Organics Belly Butter

Most of us aren’t getting out of pregnancy without some kind of stretch marks somewhere, but belly butter can lessen the chances of it. Not only that, but sometimes our growing tummy just gets itchy feeling. Glow Organics Belly Butter is organic, vegan, and fragrance-free which is a big deal for expectant mothers who are sensitive to smells. Get it here.

10. Burt’s Bees Shimmer Lip Color

Nothing beats a good lip balm. Add a little color to it, and it’s an instant pick-me-up. And this is something she will desperately need after having her baby. You could add lip balm to a bump box or even a basket full of goodies for after the baby comes. Our need for lots of fluids can leave us feeling parched and with dry lips. Having lip balm on hand can feel like a lifesaver! Grab it here.

11. Essential Oils

Does she enjoy aromatherapy? Some oils may even help reduce symptoms such as morning sickness. Essential oils can also be a great help when managing labor contractions. It’s really important to make sure the essential oils you choose are safe for pregnancy. Here are a few that are considered safe in pregnancy: lavender, frankincense, ginger, lemon, wild orange, and sandalwood. Personally, the citrus oils helped manage my nausea symptoms.

what do pregnant women want as a gift?

47 Best Gifts for Pregnant Women (not baby) in 2024

12. Maternity Belt

A maternity belt is a great gift as a pregnant mom gets further along in pregnancy. These can offer back support and belly support which can relieve overall discomfort and pelvic pain. The maternity belly band offers gentle and flexible support that can grow with the belly but is also great for postpartum wear. See it here.

13. Motherhood Maternity Leggings

Maternity leggings make a great gift for a first-time mom. I could have lived in them! They can be dressed up or dressed down, but they remain comfortable. They also give just the right amount of support needed for our baby bellies. See them here.

14. Compression Socks

Compression socks are a must for new moms who are on their feet a lot. These are great for nurses, teachers, runners, athletes, and pregnant women. Compression socks can help prevent spider veins and also relieve leg discomfort or prevent leg cramps. And these come in super cute patterns. Get them here.

15. Bubble Bath

Never underestimate the power of a great bubble bath. Bubble baths are safe for your pregnant friend as long as their healthcare provider has not advised them not to soak in a tub. Baths can relieve aches and pains which is especially helpful since ibuprofen is off limits for a pregnant woman. The more natural the bubble bath, the better. Try this one.

what do pregnant women want as a gift?

16. Bath Bombs

Also along the lines of a bubble bath are bath bombs. Bath bombs have become crazy popular over the last several years. They range in size, fragrance, and scents. Some even come with little surprises to be revealed inside. These can be super relaxing. She should always be careful when getting out of the bathtub, especially if the bath bomb has oils in it. It can be slippery.

17. Face Masks

I discovered these after my third baby (where have you been all my life?). There are all kinds of face masks you can choose from. Facetory’s Facial Mask Collection comes with seven of their best-selling facial masks that will soothe, tone, purify, and revitalize the skin. And the packaging is fun. Grab them here.

18. 24K Gold Under Eye Masks

These are great to have on hand if a pregnant mom has experienced a restless night. They provide instant soothing relief to tired eyes and also decrease puffiness. 24K Under Eye Masks are also great for new mamas after their baby comes.

19. Relaxation Gift Basket

Combining a few of these suggestions into one cute basket can make for a thoughtful gift. Pick a bubble bath, a bath bomb, belly butter or body lotion, and an essential oil and you have a lovely gift that any pregnant mama will appreciate.

what do pregnant women want as a gift?

20. Nest Designs Bamboo Jersey Robe

Nest Designs offers beautiful soft patterns along with eco-friendly and organic fabrics. They have become one of my favorite companies for baby and mama clothing. Whether you are a pregnant, nursing, or post-maternity mama looking for some comfortable PJs or maternity loungewear, you’ll feel beautiful with this classic feather white printed lightweight women’s robe. See it now.

21. Bump Box

Bump Boxes are such a cute way to be thoughtful to an expecting mother. These boxes come with three different options: first trimester, second trimester, and third trimester. There’s even a Bump Box for Dads. And the box is super cute and a keepsake in itself!

22. Gift Card

Let your thoughtfulness flow! What are her favorite places? Does she have a favorite clothing store? How about a grocery store like Trader Joe’s? Favorite restaurant? Is she craving Taco Mama? Or maybe there’s a place that has a great deal of sentimental value to your friendship. A gift card can be a perfect gift for your best friend.

23. Diaper Bag

There are so many beautiful diaper bags now. What is her style? Does she like to carry cute book bags or big designer purses? This can help you decide which diaper bag may be the best to gift. I recommend you check her registries as well. She may already have a diaper bag she has her eye on. What a great way to surprise her!

24. Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is a great gift to go along with essential oils. This ASAKUKI diffuser is an oil diffuser, humidifier, and vaporizer all in one. It comes with several lighting modes and my favorite, a remote control. Diffusers are a great way to manage pregnancy symptoms and also help cope with labor contractions. Get it here.

25. Midi Dress

Midi dresses are some of the most comfortable clothing to wear while pregnant. They grow with us new mamas and are super cute to boot. These are a great choice for dinners, showers, church, and anything else you want to be comfortable at but still look dressed up. Here’s a favorite. It comes in blue, pink, and white with a cost of around $40.

26. Minimalist “Mama” Necklace

This dainty gold chain is beautiful and perfect for the expecting mom who prefers minimalist jewelry. It sits beautifully on the neckline and is handmade. This necklace is one of Etsy’s best sellers. Get it here.

what do pregnant women want as a gift?

47 Best Gifts for Pregnant Women (not baby) in 2024

27. Nest Designs Nursing Pajamas

The premium 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton is super soft against your skin and is durable enough to wear through the night and into your mornings. Organic cotton is grown without any harmful chemicals or GMOs – a better choice for her, her baby, and the planet. Nest Designs is an eco-conscious company that also makes matching mom and baby sleepwear. Great for pregnancy and postpartum! Get it now.

28. Nursing Tank Tops

I practically lived in nursing tank tops while I was on maternity leave. These have a bit of style to them so she doesn’t feel frumpy, and are super convenient if nursing a baby. They also hold nursing pads in place with no problem. These also fit over a growing belly. See it here.

29. Nursing Bras

Another must-have if she is planning to breastfeed her baby. Nursing bras are essential to the nursing process. These are cute, inexpensive, and best of all, comfortable. The fabric is breathable and buttery soft making it a great option for the mom-to-be. No matter which nursing bras you choose, always make sure they are underwire free. Grab them here.

30. DIY Postpartum Box

This was one of my go-to gifts when my friends had their babies. It’s a great way to help a mom out when her new baby arrives. A postpartum box is made by the gift giver and can be as big or small as you want. Buy a cute bin or basket and fill it with things she will need postpartum: protein bars, easy snacks, nursing pads, lip balm, lactation cookies, etc. If you really want to get personal, add some hemorrhoid cream and witch hazel pads for her bottom post delivery.

31. Spinning Babies® Class

Great for the mindful mama who is body conscious in preparing for the birth of her baby. Spinning Babies® uses physiology, balance, and positioning to help bring comfort in pregnancy and ease in birth. Online classes are available here. You can also search for Spinning Babies instructors in your area.

gift for pregnant friend not for baby

32. Mama Sweatshirt

There may be nothing on earth cozier than an oversized sweatshirt, and what better way to celebrate the new mama with a Blooming Jelly’s Mama Sweatshirt. It’s lightweight, soft, and has a cute graphic to boot. Get it here.

33. Baby Blues Hair Vitamins

A common but not always discussed part of giving birth is the hair loss that comes postpartum. The Baby Blues Hair Vitamins are here to help! It’s a maximum strength gummy vitamin that replenishes key vitamins and minerals to help prevent and stop hair loss while accelerating new growth due to postpartum hair loss. Yes, please!

34. Bronax Cloud Slides

Blue for boys or pink for girls? You have options with these newly trending Cloud Slippers. These are comfortable and roomy slippers (which are needed in pregnancy and postpartum because of swelling). She can use these around the house, running errands, or in the hospital. They will become some of her favorites. Get them here.

35. A Weekend Girl’s Trip

There’s a good chance it will be a bit of time before she is able to drop everything to go on a girl’s trip. Why not get one in now? My personal favorite is visiting the Biltmore. It’s a lovely estate in North Carolina with beautiful landscapes and gardens. Be sure not to choose something that’s mainly based on wine or drinking since she won’t be able to partake when pregnant.

36. Manicure or Pedicure

Almost always a safe gift! There comes a point in pregnancy when we just aren’t able to reach our toes anymore. Gifting a pedicure is a great way to pamper your friend at a time when she could use a little extra comfort.

37. A Maternity Photo Package

This is one of my regrets from my pregnancy days. I never invested in a maternity photo session, and I wish I had! The time we carry our baby’s around in our bellies is so short in the grand scheme of things. Why not buy expectant mothers a mini photo session for this special time?

38. Fitness Ball

Another must-have in my book! Even if she doesn’t use a fitness ball for exercise purposes, they are terrific for sitting at computers, at the dinner table, or watching tv. Fitness balls help take the pressure off of mama’s pelvis and belly and bring comfort in pregnancy. It also is a great tool in early labor because it helps her baby engage. See it here.

39. Booby Body Lactation Protein Powder

Pregnant mothers need around 300 extra calories per day and nursing mothers need around 500 extra calories per day. A protein powder is a great and healthy way to get these into her diet. Lactation protein powders are fun because they meet her nutritional needs while also adding supplements that give her milk supply a boost. This one is great for pregnancy and postpartum. Here’s my favorite.

40. Burt’s Bees Mama Skin Care Set

A little pampering goes a long way. Belly butter, lip balm, and foot cream all come together in this one set to help bring a little extra comfort in pregnancy. The Mama Bee collection are natural products that are a great way to show you care. See it now.

41. HONEST Me Moment Soaking Salts

Another soothing option for the achy pregnant mama. If she’s on her feet a good bit or even sits at a desk all day long, she is bound to have some discomfort. With HONEST Me Moment Soaking Salts she can soothe those aches and pains in a way that’s safe for pregnancy. See it here.

42. Her Favorite Ice Cream with Ice Cream Spoon

Ice cream makes everything better and this spoon says so! A sweet and thoughtful “thinking of you” gift could be her favorite ice cream brought to her door with this Ice Cream Spoon. Whether she’s craving ice cream or it’s just her favorite, she can eat the ice cream now and the spoon can be a sweet future keepsake. Get it here.

what do pregnant women want as a gift?

43. Pinkstork Calm Tea with Tea Spoon

Caffeine comes at a minimum while pregnant. Pinkstork Calm Tea can be a great cozy treat for the pregnant mama without adding caffeine. And this “Love you for InfinTEA” spoon adds a nice touch. You could always add a “Mama Mug” too! What a cute gift set that would make.

44. Embraced Devotional by Lysa Terkeurst

Pregnancy life can bring about worry, anxiety, and fear in ways we didn’t know we had. But it isn’t a time that God pulls away from us. As life is changing for the pregnant mom, it helps to know that God embraces her through everything she feels. Embraced will bring encouragement to the heart of a woman even through this stage of life.

45. Organic Coconut Oil

Allow me to explain. I opted for coconut oil over “body oil” because body oil can be a grab bag of oils that aren’t exactly healthy for the skin. Mamas need natural products! Coconut oil is great to keep her soft and smooth after showers. It’s a great moisturizer. In warm weather, it works great to shave with. Coconut oil can be used as belly butter. It also works wonderfully as a natural nipple butter while she is breastfeeding. Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a great choice.

46. Boy Mom Candle

“Smells like chaos,” haha. In all fairness, girls can be just as chaotic. This Boy Mom Candle is a fun way to celebrate a mom with a baby boy in her belly. This soy wax candle smells of driftwood and has a 60-hour burn time. Get it here.

47. Girl Mom Candle

“Smells like sass.” This pink, natural soy blend candle is a sweet way to celebrate a girl mom-to-be. It is lavender scented and has a 60-hour burn time. See it here.

I hope you found some great ideas that work for you in this list of gifts for pregnant moms! And don’t forget about dad! Here is my list of the best pregnancy books for dads.

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Rachel is a Postpartum Nurse of 15+ years. She is also a Spinning Babies® CPE, Childbirth Educator, Published Author, and Recipe Creator. Rachel's passion is to encourage and empower women in all things related to motherhood.

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