This copycat of the Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake can be made three ways!

Do you remember the first time you had a Dairy Queen ice cream cake?

Dairy Queen always seemed a step above the other ice cream places. It was the “treat place” my dad always took us to as kids. The first time I had a Reese’s Blizzard, I was forever hooked. And then when I asked the employee if they would mix in other candy, they obliged me. She said, “Sure, what all do you want?” I couldn’t believe it! I’m sure my eight year old eyes got really big. I responded with, “M&M’s. And butterfingers! And snickers!” She blended them all together. My dad thought it was disgusting, but he was wrong.

Dairy Queen will always carry a bit of childhood nostalgia for me. Well done DQ!

They inspired me to attempt my own ice cream cake several years ago. And then when I had one that was bought in a grocery store freezer section, I knew I had to make an alternative. It had a distinct plastic flavor. There are so many reasons to do a DIY ice cream cake. You get to choose what flavor you want, you control the ingredients that go in it, and it’s cost effective. Lots of wins!

I’ve included three ways to make an ice cream cake below so you have options to choose from.

The first time my mom tasted one of my ice cream cakes she said, “Oh my goodness, Rach. It’s better than Dairy Queen’s!!” She would know. She worked there for a few years.

I am finding that friends and family are requesting these more and more, so I have ventured out from the original, and am making flavors that they love. The Java Chip is probably my personal favorites (because of my love for coffee), but every single one is so freaking good.

I am including three ways to make an ice cream cake. Let me know your favorite! I bet you can’t eat just one slice.

Copycat Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake Three Ways

1. The Brookie Ice Cream Cake

diy ice cream cake

Perfect for the cookie dough fan! This flavor profile is inspired by the baked “Brookie.” A Brookie is a half brownie, half cookie baked together in an ooey gooey treat. This ice cream cake profiles the same flavors with layers of chocolate brownie and cookie dough ice cream wrapped in homemade hot fudge. Oh my goodness, it’s good!

2. Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cake

cookies and cream ice cream cake

My little boy inspired this ice cream cake recipe. He loves cookies and cream ice cream, so naturally Mama had to make him a cake! This recipe has a classic chocolate crunchies and hot fudge layer just like Dairy Queen’s. It is creamy, delicious, and full of Oreos.

3. Java Chip Frappuccino® Ice Cream Cake

copycat dairy queen ice cream cake

This ice cream cake was made with all the flavors of a Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino. If you are unfamiliar with the drink, Starbucks takes coffee, milk, mocha sauce, and chocolate chips and blends it all together with ice. I don’t know how something that sounds so simple can be so good, but it is! This ice cream cake combines layers of coffee ice cream, with hot fudge, and chocolate chips.

There you have it! Three delicious DIY copycat Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cakes. Did you have a favorite?

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