Here’s simple and fun DIY Super Mario party ideas that won’t break the bank.

Will Mario ever go out of style? I certainly hope not. The original Nintendo system was the first gaming system my brothers and I ever owned. It holds lots of fond memories. And now I get to play those same games with my kids. They can’t believe I’m as good as I am at it. When I tell them I played those games as a kid, they look at me like I’m a hundred years old. Recently the Nintendo Switch uploaded many of the original games to their online store. To say the least, our family was excited.

Each of my three children have loved Mario. My first two had a joint Mario party (they were born on the same day two years apart). And believe it or not, they actually agreed on a Mario party. Phew! No fighting over it. Many of these photos are from their original party. Now, several years later, my youngest requested a Mario party for his sixth birthday. I was happy to oblige!

There are many DIY food and décor ideas that make a great Super Mario Bros themed birthday party.

Some of these ideas I gathered from Pinterest, and some I made up and used what I had. (I had trouble going back to find the original source, as it was several years ago, so if you published this idea, please let me know so I can credit it to you.) This was definitely a fun one to create, as I myself am quite the expert at Super Mario Brothers 3.

super mario party ideas

DIY Super Mario Bros Party Décor

1. Choose your colors.

You can see colors throughout the photos, but a few to work with would be red and blue for Mario; green and blue for Luigi, and pink and yellow for Princess Peach. On one of our walls, I alternated pink and yellow streamers for Princess Peach, and on the other I did red and blue for Mario (I tried to make it equal for both my son and daughter.) Streamers are a great way to add pop to your party and are also very inexpensive.

2. Printables

We simply googled a lot of the characters, and I printed them and cut them out to sticky tack them on to walls, paintings, and serving dishes. We encouraged people to wear costumes to add to the fun. I also googled, printed, and cut out white question marks to place on small vases as serving dishes. I filled them with Goldfish crackers since the color was close to yellow, but you could fill them with yellow M&M’s, gummies, skittles…anything bite size and yellow.

DIY Super Mario Bros Party Food

1. Super Mario Bros DIY Cake

I used a box cake mix, and then baked it in a 9×13 pan. Once cooled, I cut it in half and then cut the two layers in half to form a four layer square. I iced it all with yellow homemade icing. I printed out a Mario question mark, cut it out with a razor blade, and then used the stencil to make the question marks with white icing on the cake. The dots are upside down Wilton white chocolate melts (the same I used on the cupcakes). It was tedious work, but I like the way it turned out.

2. Super Mario Bros DIY Cupcakes

The cupcakes were baked with a vanilla box cake mix, and then iced with homemade red and green buttercream icing. I used a sharpie to draw two little mushroom eyes on the front of the cupcake liners, and then used white chocolate candy melts, flipped upside down, for the white polka dots.

3. Other DIY Super Mario Bros Food/Décor Ideas

Chocolate gold coins were placed in a star shaped dish for Star Power! I found the star shaped dish at the Dollar Store and the gold coins at Wal-Mart in the party section.

Piranha plants were made out of green grapes threaded on wooden skewers and topped with strawberries. I cut a small v out of the top of the strawberry to make it look more mouth like. (Pictured above)

The yoshi eggs were white plastic eggs from Easter that I painted green spots on. Looking back, I probably would have used a green sharpie if I were to do it again because it would have been quicker. The vases also came from the dollar store, and two of them I spray painted green to represent the pipes for the piranha plants.

Forgive the horrible photo quality.

I failed to take a picture of this, but for the favors I bought a Wii controller mold from Amazon and filled it with white chocolate. Once set, I placed each one in treat bag, tied ribbon around it, and set them out for each child. The kids had a blast!!

I hope these ideas got your creative wheels turning. Another inexpensive and simple way to add the wow factor to this party would be to make a balloon garland. It’s time consuming, but can be made several days ahead of time, and will cost you less than $10. Here’s my simple balloon garland tutorial.

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