If you are on the search for earthy, boho hippie baby names, we have some wonderful choices for your little flower child. Here is a collection of real-life boho hippie names that your baby won’t be afraid to live with.

This collection of real-life earthy boho hippie names will be perfect for your little flower-child baby. Peace, love, and harmony all the way!

There are several categories that are considered to be bohemian baby names. They could be a nature name, flower name, animal name, earthy name, bohemian name, or a name that captures a free spirit. Whichever you are looking for you will find an excellent option below.

A parent may choose an earthy, boho hippie name for their baby because of their love for the planet or nature itself. They may want their baby to recognize the glory of nature or the healing power that can lie within it. At times these names represent a free spirit who loves big. I encourage all parents to look up the names they are considering in a baby name book so they know the meaning before making it permanent on a birth certificate. Meanings may help you decide between several names you are considering as well.

This collection of unique hippie names comes from many sources. This list of baby names includes the best hippie girl names, as well as many hippie boy names, or neutral names that would work for either.

130+ Earthy Boho Hippie Names for your Baby

A great way to incorporate free-spirited hippie names is to combine them with some trendy names to create a unique modern boho baby name. The Kardashians did this with “North West.” Another one would be “Piper Jade.” You could also do the opposite and create a perfect hippie name to go with modern middle names. In recent years, the earthy baby name category has begun to rise again.

There isn’t a wrong way to pick a cute hippie name as long as you love it and keep in my mind that your child will need to be able to spell it, say it, and live with it. When that is considered, all there is left to do is simply go for it.

Another easy way to create boho names is to search for beautiful flowers. I have listed many of those options below. Flower names work well for a girl’s name. Think Daisy or Poppy. Boho girl names seem to be easier to come by than a boy’s name because of the many feminine, nature-inspired name. Bird names are similar. Names like Wren (a small bird) are so cute and can fit a girl beautifully.

A few famous hippie names

  • Goldie Hawn
  • Ziggy Stardust
  • Frank Zappa
  • Mother Nature
  • Bob Marley
what are earthy boho names?

130+ Earthy Boho Hippie Names for your Baby

Do you know anyone with one of these names? Many of these come from real-life examples in my life. Growing up, I envied the name Sandy Shores, especially with my love for the beach. She still holds a near and dear place in my heart. Let’s jump right into our list.

  1. Olive Tree
  2. Willow
  3. Raine
  4. Stardust
  5. Sunflower
  6. Evergreen
  7. Little Bird
  8. Sandy Shores
  9. Ziggy
  10. Jay
  11. Dawn
  12. Celeste
  13. Windy
  14. North West
  15. Meadow
  16. Oak
  17. Hazel
  18. Honey
  19. Merilee
  20. Sunny
  21. Ivy
  22. Summer
  23. Autumn
  24. Star
  25. Chrystal
  26. Lily
  27. Rose
  28. Wilder
  29. Breeze
  30. Petunia
  31. Sky
  32. Lake
  33. Daisy
  34. Dolly
  35. Willow Tree
  36. Harmony
  37. River
  38. Love
  39. Charity
  40. Indigo
  41. Raven
  42. Sage
  43. Aspen Tree
  44. Dusk
  45. Flower
  46. Leaf
  47. Bambi
  48. Fawn
  49. Ash Tree
  50. Truvy
  51. Earth
  52. Georgia
  53. Oceana
  54. April Rain
  55. August
  56. June
  57. Jet
  58. Ren
  59. Zarah
  60. Poppy
  61. Rosey
  62. Asher
  63. Huck
  64. Timber
  65. Eden
  66. Clementine
  67. Ginger
  68. Juniper
  69. Nala
  70. Oakley
  71. Zetta
  72. Canyon
  73. Cliff
  74. Coal
  75. Everest
  76. Stone
  77. Brynn
  78. Embry
  79. Gemma
  80. Jade
  81. Terra
  82. Blaze
  83. Iggy
  84. Flint
  85. Nova
  86. Nile
  87. Saylor
  88. Cove
  89. Mara
  90. Maya
  91. Storm
  92. Ayla
  93. Luna
  94. Skyler
  95. Colt
  96. Falcon
  97. Lyon
  98. Lark
  99. Phoenix
  100. Meena
  101. Wren
  102. Shiloh
  103. Dove
  104. Shiloh
  105. Zuma
  106. Jagger
  107. Cher
  108. Jett
  109. Rod
  110. Joni
  111. Stevie
  112. Arrow
  113. Astrid
  114. Dax
  115. Hart
  116. Indy
  117. Jules
  118. Zane
  119. Clay

Roman Mythology/ Greek Mythology Names

  1. Odin, Zeus, or Thor for a Greek mythology feel

Direction Names

  1. West Wind
  2. North West
  3. True North

Color Name

  1. Emerald
  2. Jade
  3. Sapphire
  4. Precious
  5. Scarlett
  6. Amber
  7. Aero

I hope you were able to find some good name candidates on your list. Naming your baby is a huge decision, and I wish you the best on your journey.

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