DIY Balloon Garland can be easy to make and incredibly budget friendly!

For another example, you can see this blue balloon garland I did for a different party. The beauty of a balloon garland is it is completely customizable. If you have a color palate you are using, then you can have a matching balloon garland. From baby showers to parties, it adds the wow factor. Let’s take it step by step!

The supplies I will list here will make approximately 8 feet of garland (similar to the purple one pictured).

What you will need:

  • Approximately 50 balloons of the colors you want to use (I typically stick to 3 colors)
  • A spool of thread (I use white)
  • A stapler
  • 3M wall mounts to attach to the wall (or thumbtacks if holes are allowed)
  • Hot glue gun (if you want to add small balloons in the garland) I did not do this for this particular garland.

Let me start by giving you some advice, if you know you are going to be decorating with these often, you may want to pick up balloon clips. My fingers were quite sore after tying so many balloons. The other thing you can do is blow up the balloons over the course of several days. They will stay looking beautiful!

Step 1:

Get your balloons all blown up. Try to keep them around the same size. If you want to add in some smaller balloons to hot glue in later, go ahead and blow those up too.

Step 2:

Take the ends of two balloons, and staple them together. Be careful not to staple too close to the filled part or you may pop it. Repeat this until all of your balloons are stapled together. (Keep any small balloons unstapled)

Step 3:

Take your thread and one cluster of your balloons. Leaving about 12 inches of a thread “tail” begin to wrap your thread around the cluster several times. Then tie a knot in it to keep it from coming loose. (See video at the end)

Step 4:

Taking the cluster with the tied thread, add another cluster, laying it diagonally on top of the first cluster, and wrap the thread a couple of times around the new cluster to add it to the garland line. Repeat this with every cluster, laying them close to the other, and wrapping them tightly to the prior cluster.

Step 5:

Time to hang your balloon garland. Take a thread tail, and wrap it around your thumb tack or 3M hook. Tie it into place. If you want to add some small balloons to your garland, do so once it’s hung in place. (It’s easier to see where they are needed) With your hot glue gun on low, add a small dollop to your balloon, and gently press into place.

Hanging tips:

If you need to shape your garland a certain way, or find that it sags in a place it shouldn’t, cut approximately two feet of thread from your spool. Tie it around the part of your balloon garland that you need to adjust. Take the other end and secure it to a 3M hook, or you can tape it to the wall using wall safe tape.

Balloon garlands are a beautiful and cost effective edition to any party! They are simple to make BUT time consuming. Plan accordingly so you don’t feel stressed. I hang them the day prior to the party so I can focus on the food the day of.

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