Here is how to make salami roses that will elevate your entire charcuterie board.

You read that right! It is incredibly simple to make roses out of smoked meats, such as pepperoni and salami, and I’m here to show you how.

It is also a beautiful way to fancy up a charcuterie board!

It’s best to use deli pepperoni, the ones that are cut large and round, instead of pepperoni you would purchase for pizza. The same rule applies to salami. And hard smoked meat you love should work fine. However, the reduced fat versions don’t work as well. It’s the fat in them that helps them stay shaped.

smoked meat roses

How to Make Salami Roses

  • Different size wine glasses
  • 12 slices of salami (makes one medium rose)
  • 8 slices of pepperoni (makes one small rose)
  • Plastic wrap or gallon size storage bag

The smaller the wine glass, the smaller the rose, and the less smoked meat slices you will use. The bigger the glass, the bigger the rose, and the more smoked meat slices you will use.

Wash your hands. Take the wine glass you want to use and fold one slice of meat halfway down the rim. Take the next slice, place it on half of the meat you just folded down, and fold it down. Continue to repeat this pattern, overlapping each slice of meat on top of the other, as shown below.

Once you have all of your slices on your glass, turn it upside down onto a clean surface and remove the glass. These can be immediately placed on your charcuterie board if you are using them right away. If not, put them in your plastic bag and store in the fridge.

Here are my best tips for making a beautiful and cost effective charcuterie board with your salami roses!

A quick video to take you through the process.

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