How to Root Basil is a simple way to expand it in your garden or gift it to a friend.

If you have learned how to root rosemary or lavender from my previous article, then you can easily root basil!

Basil is aromatic, sweet and peppery, and is one of the most popular culinary herbs in the world.

You can root basil to give as gifts to others. It’s makes a wonderful hostess gift! I love gifting fresh herbs as a hostess gift. From family gatherings to friend’s showers, it’s an all around fun gift that isn’t pricey. Tie a pretty ribbon around it or purchase a cute small jar from Hobby Lobby, and you are good to go! You can also root it to simply expand it in your garden. I have some planted in my garden and some planted in pots right outside of my kitchen.

To use your basil, chop it to add to marinades, make a pesto, add to drinks, or add it fresh to pizzas and pastas.

DIY Rooting Basil

  • Take a few freshly cut sprigs of basil. Newly grown sprigs work best.
  • Place them in a small glass of water. (I use a shot glass. It’s the perfect size.)
  • Put the glass in a sunny window. Make sure the water level covers the tip of the stem.
  • After one month, you will see roots on your basil, and it is ready to plant.
how to expand basil in your garden

Ready to plant? You can plant your basil directly in your garden or in a pot with your favorite soil. Keep in mind that basil will die in very cold winter weather. If you have cold winters, cut some fresh sprigs, and repeat the directions above before your first hard frost.

Happy Herb Gardening!


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