Rosemary is one of my favorite herbs! It is easy to grow and survives all kinds of weather. I love tossing it in roasted potatoes or using it to marinate chicken.

This fresh herb was also the main ingredient used in my DIY Christmas Wreath. (It smelled so good!)

I have rooted sprigs of rosemary a few times to give to friends so they can grow their own plants. I also have done it just to have more bushes around the house. It’s simple!

DIY Rooting Rosemary

  • Take a few freshly cut rosemary stems and place them in a small container of water.
  • Put them in a sunny window. Make sure they keep water in them so they have the opportunity to root properly.


It takes approximately 4 weeks to get the roots where you need them to be. At this point, you can plant them in separate pots or straight in the garden.

Roots after four weeks. They are ready to plant.

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