When you think about it, it makes sense that a baby would enjoy being swaddled. They have been super tight and cozy in your womb for months. It reminds them of the comfort they were used to.

Swaddling is a great comfort technique for your newborn up until two months of age.

These are my favorite swaddle blankets: it has plenty of blanket to work with and cute patterns! If you prefer a blanket with a shortcut, try these instead!

Swaddle Technique:

Lay your swaddle blanket out in a diamond shape. Fold the top down and place your baby with their neck at the fold down area.

Take the right side, pull snug, and wrap it around the baby, and tuck it under their bottom.

Take the bottom portion, pull snug, and tuck it behind the baby’s right shoulder.

Take the remaining fold of the blanket, pull snug, and tuck behind the bottom.

Voila! You now have the cutest baby burrito in town. If it didn’t work quite as well as you thought, keep working on your technique. It may take just a bit of practice. Even us nurses had to get the hang of it. If you haven’t given birth yet, you can practice on a stuffed animal or a doll to get comfortable with it.

Side Note: Never use thick fuzzy blankets to swaddle. It is too easy for baby to wiggle out of it.

One other sleep option I highly recommend is the sleep sack*. These are wearable blankets that are incredibly safe.

Want a quick and funny demo of a swaddle? Click here!

Happy Swaddling!

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