She was wide eyed as she looked at her nurse and asked, “What am I going to do with all of these???”

Yes, flowers and balloons are beautiful, but they aren’t all that practical for a new mom. She already has so much to take home with her from the hospital that it can be a hassle to transport flowers and balloons.

So, what does a new mom really need? How can we help her in a way that is really helpful?

As a mom of 3 and a postpartum nurse, I have some gift ideas for you that she will never forget!

What Moms Really Need:

  • A GIFT CARD from Door Dash, or the like, is very helpful! A meal service, such as Hello Fresh works well too. These are prepacked, easy to make meals that show up right at her door. It’s dinner without the hassle. A gift card can be purchased for these services, or you can purchase the amount of meals you want to gift.
  • A grocery service membership, like SHIPT. Oh how lovely that would have been when my kids were babies! Instead, I loaded them up and took them to the store where other people wanted to touch my baby. Eek! Help a new mama avoid these situations. (Bonus Tip: membership services may be more than you wish to pay, but it’s a great gift idea for several family members or hostesses to go in on together.)
  • The BEST meal that you make delivered to her door. Don’t try to hang around unless she asks you too. It isn’t anything personal. She is in survival mode, exhausted, and may not have showered today.
  • A gift basket full of protein bars, healthy snacks, and mom things, like lip balm, nursing pads, and coconut oil for the sore nipples. Each time that one of my best friends had a baby, I did this for her. I stuffed it with things I knew she loved, like beef jerky. She appreciated it so much!

Non-Food Related Gifts:

  • A Nap. Offer to watch her baby a couple of hours so she can rest. Don’t bring your own children with you. New mom’s are doing their best to not worry, and the more people there are, the more they will think about germs. (Do wash your hands often to help her feel comfortable)
  • Nice body wash or bubble bath so when she actually is able to take five minutes to bathe, she gets to use some happy with it.
  • Your Compassion. Please put away the advice (unless it’s requested). She really doesn’t need to hear how your friend’s baby slept all through the night at one month old, or how she should be doing laundry instead of taking a nap. These things are hurtful to a new mom that is trying to transition in this new mama world. Yes, dote on the baby, but also pay attention to the mom. A kind and gentle, “How are you?” or “How could I help you?” goes a long way.
  • Items to go in her suitcase that she packs for the hospital.

Trust me, any of these things would be much appreciated! Offer new mom’s lots of patience. Put any judgement to the side. Don’t be hurt if they tell you it’s not a good time to visit or turn down your advice, because at the end of the day she alone is the mother of this new little one, and she needs to be comfortable with the decisions she is making.

*My promise to you: I only share links of products that I personally recommend, and to give you the idea of what you are looking for. If you purchase these, I may receive a small commission, but the price for you will still be the same. Thank you!


  1. YES!! I wish I had this list to share with others when I had my daughter. Every new mom needs others to hear this.

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