About Me

Hi there! I’m Rachel, a wearer of many hats: a pastor’s wife, mom of 3, writer, nurse, childbirth educator, blogger, boo-boo kisser, basic seamstress, cook, and party planner to name a few.

Mama Did It because coffee does it!!

I have loved writing since childhood. Since then, I have worked on curriculum for my children’s church classes, and curriculum for small groups that I host. Outside of the church, I write and build curriculum as a nurse educator, to teach families what to expect and how to care for the coming birth of their children. 

My favorite things are having my family close by, my kitten by my side, and a book or journal in my hand. If I’m not reading, I am writing. And if I’m doing neither of those, you could make a good bet that I am baking or admiring God’s creation. 

Here you will find lots of yummy recipes (clean and not), all from my own table. You will find faith filled blogs from my journey as a mom, wife, friend, and teacher. I promise to always encourage you in these.  Us women and moms incur enough judgement from the world around us. You won’t find any of that here. I am also in the process of authoring my first book. (Gasp!) More of that to come later. 

Life is a journey, which is why I am here. There was a time when I sought after perfection in all of the things that matter to me…marriage, parenting, friendship, writing, baking, etc. But that is no longer me. Perfection is unrealistic…and impossible. Perfection isn’t required of you or me. I would rather live wholeheartedly, and choose to be present over pretending to be perfect. I hope you join with me as we travel on this voyage called life together. It’s all about working through the process while learning to enjoy the journey!