About Me

Welcome to our motherhood, marriage, and lifestyle blog! Mama Did It was established in 2020 and is dedicated to providing encouraging and inspirational content for your journey through faith, motherhood, and marriage.

Mama Did It because coffee does it!!

I’m Rachel, a wearer of many hats: a pastor’s wife, mom of 3, published author, mother-baby nurse, childbirth educator, and party planner.

I have loved writing since childhood. Attending a small private school left few opportunities to practice that skill, so I made up my own school newspaper to share with my classmates. As life picked up the pace, my passion for writing retired to the back burner. That is, until my marriage fell apart.

Perfection is never required here. Process is welcomed. Come as you are. Leave full of hope. Life will never be flawless, but there is peace in the midst of pain, joy available in sadness, and love in the presence of grief.

Thank you for being here! Mama Did It is all about working through the processes of life while learning to enjoy the journey!