Christmas makes for the perfect opportunity to take newborn and baby photos. Here are 35 Christmas Baby Photoshoot Ideas you can do at Home.

Is there anything cuter than baby Christmas pictures? I think not. Hiring a professional photographer is a great option, but it isn’t always doable with things like schedule and budget. But there are many ways to take beautiful photos right from your home. Here are 35 Christmas Baby Photoshoot Ideas you can do at home.

35 Christmas Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home

A few important considerations when getting baby Christmas picture ideas would be your camera, baby’s schedule, lighting, and Christmas props.


You definitely don’t need a fancy Nikon, though you could use one if you have it. A phone with a good camera like an iPhone or Google Pixel will give you amazing results. With built-in filters, effects, and lighting adjustments, it’s tough to beat a good phone.

Taking the time to set up your area will make the photo session go a whole lot smoother. It can be tough to predict how your baby will behave while taking pictures. Preparation can take a lot of the hassle out. A helper on hand would also be helpful.

Baby’s Schedule

When planning for baby Christmas pictures, consider your baby’s schedule. If you want a sleepy photo, plan for a time you know they will probably be napping. Timing it at the beginning of a nap works well because they will be in a deeper sleep and be less likely to wake up grumpy and hungry. If your baby is nursing and usually falls asleep at the breast, have them dressed in the outfit you want them to wear. This way, once they are well asleep, you can simply position them and snap away.


The right lighting can make or break your photos. Natural light works really well. Facing your display toward windows or an open door is an easy way to get the best lighting without going through much trouble. It’s also a good idea to use a ring light. Ring lights are much more affordable than they used to be and are great for a quick Christmas photo shoot. Here’s one of my favorites.

Baby’s Outfit

You can go as expensive or budget-friendly as you would like when taking your baby’s Christmas photos. Something as simple as a knit Santa hat has plenty of possibilities and won’t break the bank. No matter what you do, remember that you will be so thankful you took the time to take the photos. They will become treasured memories.

Having everything set up ahead of time is the best way to decrease stress and keep the photo shoot quick. Any of these baby Christmas picture ideas listed below would also be great for Christmas cards.

Christmas Props

You will see several Christmas props in the photos below, but the beauty of Christmas props is you probably already own many of them. Think along the lines of Christmas stockings, a Christmas wreath, a red scarf, a Christmas teddy bear, lights, and ornaments.

35 Christmas Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home

Sleeping Baby Christmas Photos

Sleeping baby Christmas photos are so cute. It’s easiest to take Christmas photos in the comfort of your own home when it’s nap time. You’re less likely to experience an inconsolable little one.

1. Baby in Sled

You can achieve this look with a cute sled from a store such as Hobby Lobby, a fluffy white blanket, and a knit green and red Christmas hat. Stuff the sled with your white blanket or a pillow and position your sleeping baby as you like.

how do you take baby pictures for christmas?

2. Mom with Santa Baby

Oh my! An oversized santa hat with a sweet, red baby outfit makes a cute photo. The background can be achieved through Canva or Photoshop. You could also purchase a Winter White Snowflake backdrop (around $10) or roll out some wrapping paper with a pattern you like.

how do you take baby pictures for christmas?

3. Undressed Baby with Knit Hat

Sure, there’s a chance your baby will poop or pee during a photo like this, but it would be totally worth it! You can arrange this fluffy white blanket over a cushion. It helps if you have a helper holding up the back of the blanket as a backdrop. A matching knit Christmas hat and leg warmers are adorable! You could also do socks, or forego the rest altogether. Here’s a red and white crochet hat and bootie set that is photo ready.

4. Baby with Knit Bloomers and Floral Hat

A soft white blanket, knit bloomers, and a red and white knit hat plus a poinsettia flower clip make an adorable photo for the holiday season. Ruffle bloomers would also work well! So simple, but elegant!

how do you take baby pictures for christmas?

5. Black and White Santa Hat

Black and white photos make your baby look like a little angel. It’s a simple idea but inspires awe at the same time. This is a great way to achieve a classic or modern look with little effort. The black and white filter can be easily applied with your phone filters.

how do you take baby pictures for christmas?

5. Milk and Cookies

Oh goodness! How sweet. A cute pair of Christmas pajamas or a Santa suit works well for this shot. Some additional good lighting would make for the best results. Milk drunk for sure!

how do you take baby pictures for christmas?

6. Baby with Ornaments

In all honesty, as a mama, this one makes me a little nervous because of a baby’s startle reflex. However, shatterproof Christmas ornaments would make this photo completely safe even if the baby were to give a hard jerk. Blue and red ornaments are a great choice, but you could also mix it up to your liking. Red and green, silver and gold, or blue and pink would all look great. Don’t be afraid to make your own color choice.

how do you take baby pictures for christmas?

7. Sleeping baby on snow

With a little editing, this photo would be easy to achieve. Laying your baby on the edge of a table or couch that has been draped over by snow fabric (found at craft stores) would do it. Make sure to have a helper that is holding your baby out of the camera’s shot for safety. A cute Christmas outfit adds just the right touch. The Winter White Snowflake Backdrop would work well here too!

8. Baby in a Santa Hat

Simple and Sweet. A santa hat on a diapered baby that is laying on a soft flannel blanket as a white background is perfect. It’s a great way to get those perfect baby’s hands in the shot. Oh my goodness! It will leave them in awe.

9. Baby with Candy Cane

Candy canes are a great prop to use while a baby is sleeping (otherwise they will put it in their mouth). Pair a candy cane with a chunky knit hat and you have a win! You could also get creative with your candy cane color choice and match it to your baby’s knit hat. It would give a fun “Santa’s workshop” vibe.

how do you take baby pictures for christmas?

10. Baby with Santa Hat on Tummy

Positioning a sleepy baby wearing a red outfit and Santa hat in front of a Christmas tree with presents is an easy and festive way to get a great Christmas photo. This fluffy, white blanket is a good choice. This oversized Santa hat would be easy to place on a sleeping baby.

how do you take baby pictures for christmas?

11. Beach Baby

For those who have warm Christmas weather or for the snowbirds who go south for the winter, here’s a cute photo option for a beachy Christmas picture. He’s not dreaming of a white Christmas. Mele Kalikimaka!

12. Sleepy Face

All of your baby’s sweet face with a perfectly positioned Santa hat makes for a precious moment! It works especially well if your baby is sleeping underneath the Christmas tree. Some of the best shots are the most simple.

35 Christmas Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home

13. Baby on the Way!

Too cute not to include! If your baby is still in the belly, here is a perfect way to capture it for a Christmas card. This could be a great social media pregnancy reveal or simply a way to create a keepsake for your start as a family of three (or four or five). Share your news and your holiday spirit.

pregnancy christmas photo ideas

14. Baby with a Christmas Book

Glasses or no glasses, this one is adorable. Grab a Christmas bowtie and your favorite Christmas book. How the Grinch Stole Christmas or Twas the Night Before Christmas are great options! Who knew a Christmas book was all you needed to make a great picture?

How do you take baby Christmas pictures at home?

15. Elf on the Dad

I did my best to find who took this photo so I could give them credit. Originally posted over at Just Simply Mom, I have yet to find the author. Let me know if it’s you. It was too adorable not to include in my list. A play on “Elf on the Shelf,” you could place baby just about anywhere, but on top of dad is pretty cute. It would be cute on an older sibling as well. Here’s an Elf on the Shelf outfit, but the hat in the photo appears to be homemade out of hard felt.

How do you take baby Christmas pictures at home?

16. Baby in a Christmas tree

Using a red, fleece blanket (or any color) and dressing your baby in a cute Christmas tree costume is a sure way to get an adorable photo. You could always use this outfit as a Halloween costume as well so your baby gets to wear it at least twice.

17. Baby admiring Christmas lights

There’s something about the magic of Christmas lights that makes it easy to capture a nice photo. Laying your baby on their belly and letting them play with Christmas lights for the first time (under supervision of course), can make for some fabulous and festive photos. Be aware though, that babies will try and use this opportunity to put the lights in their mouths.

How do you take baby Christmas pictures at home?

18. Baby in a Bucket

Put a diapered baby in a bucket and you can’t go wrong! Hang some Christmas or fairy lights in the background and it’s even better. A craft store is a great place to find a bucket that is the color and size that you need. Having a helper here is a great idea. They can quickly set them in the bucket and jump out of the shot while standing nearby in case the baby tries to get out or tips over.

How do you take baby Christmas pictures at home?

19. The Baby Blues

Wrapped Christmas presents are a great prop for a Christmas photoshoot. Throw in a few matching ornaments, and you have a win. You could of course do any color pattern you like. A white wall could work well as a backdrop. You may also consider a professional white backdrop (around $16).

How do you take baby Christmas pictures at home?

20. Baby on Faux Fur

Simple and sweet! A knit Santa hat on a faux fur backdrop and a knit white blanket for cover makes a great Christmas photo. You could always plan to do the same blanket for the backdrop as the cover, but the different patterns do seem to help it stand out well. It’s a perfect time to plan for this when your baby is well fed, well rested, and generally in a good mood.

How do you take baby Christmas pictures at home?

21. Black and White Baby and Ornaments

An oversized knit Santa hat, ornaments, and Christmas lights can all come together for a beautiful and classic black and white Christmas photo. Your baby will certainly be interested in these Christmas decorations. Be aware that they may try to throw the ornaments. Because of this, it’s best to have a helper on hand or use shatterproof ornaments.

How do you take baby Christmas pictures at home?

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22. Light it up!

You may be able to get some great candid shots when you first light up your Christmas tree. Wait to turn your tree on for the first time until you are photo ready. Have dad or someone else turn on the lights while you sit photo ready to capture the first expressions.

How do you take baby Christmas pictures at home?

23. Baby on Natural Wood

A beautiful photo for natural wood floors. Burlap or a natural color, knit fabric would work well here. Add some clear lights, a few ornaments, and a Christmas hat and outfit, and you’re ready to roll.

How do you take baby Christmas pictures at home?

24. Baby with Bloomers

A happy baby makes for a sweet photo! Cute white and red bloomers make this photo inexpensive, but worthy of a keepsake. A craft store has red headbands like these. Another option is a red bow hat.

How do you take baby Christmas pictures at home?

25. Santa Baby and Mini Christmas Tree

Ohhh, a baby in a Santa suit!!! So sweet.

how to take photos of your baby with a christmas tree?

26. Hands and Legs

Do you have a pretty Christmas dress that was gifted to you? Now is a great time to use it. Those sweet baby hands and legs are always a winner.

How do you take baby Christmas pictures at home?

27. Baby Excited for Christmas

Dressing baby in a Santa suit, and laying them on their tummy in front of your Christmas tree can produce great results. Pull out your best mom jokes and click away!

How do you take baby Christmas pictures at home?

28. What’s This???

So inquisitive and curious! Christmas lights and Christmas pajamas make such a simple photo a memorable experience.

How do you take baby Christmas pictures at home?

29. Baby in a Santa Sack

This North Pole Mail Sack is a cute prop for your baby’s photo. Positioning them like they are coming out of it or taking photos of them looking inside is adorable. You can also use the bag for years to come.

How do you take baby Christmas pictures at home?

30. Baby in a Gift Box

The best Christmas gift of all! Sitting baby in a beautiful gift box can be a terrific prop. Chances are you already have one laying around, but you could also purchase one. Place a Santa hat on their head and you have everything you need for a perfect picture.

How do you take baby Christmas pictures at home?

31. Little Boy Blue

Do you have a keepsake blanket that you would like your baby’s picture with? Here’s a cute option.

How do you take baby Christmas pictures at home?

32. Red and White Ornament Baby

Another simple but cute option for a favorite Christmas outfit. Throw in some color-matching ornaments against a solid background, and you have a festive photo option.

How do you take baby Christmas pictures at home?

33. Vintage Christmas Lights Baby

For the Vintage Bulb lovers! If the large Christmas lights make you happy, a shot like this will bring you some Christmas spirit. Remember, always keep a close eye on your baby if they are handling Christmas lights.

How do you take baby Christmas pictures at home?

34. Santa Overalls

This was too cute not to include as an option. These knit overalls and Santa hat would make a super adorable Christmas baby photo.

35. Baby in Christmas Pajamas

Do you have a crawling baby? Christmas pajamas and a Santa hat are all you need. And the best part is you may already have that. Have your Christmas tree or Christmas decor in the background, and take some action shots. You could always blur the background a bit to get a similar shot.

35 Christmas Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home

I hope you were inspired by these ideas and came away feeling well equipped to get some great Christmas photos. And I hope you found a great idea and had a great time taking them. Remember, even if they aren’t perfect, you will look back and be so thankful you took the time to take them. I would often feel disappointed with the way my baby’s photos would turn out, but I now look back and LOVE every one (even the crying ones).

You will too. Best wishes to you and have a Merry Christmas!

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