This year we decided to celebrate my brother with a dinosaur tea party. He suggested a “Christmas in Outer Space” theme. I suggested “Dinosaur Tea Party,” and we went with the dinosaurs. No regrets here! (Maybe next year we will go for Christmas in space)

It was quite fun! Just the thought of big, bulky dinosaurs trying to have dainty tea parties makes me giggle. 

My kid’s plastic dinosaurs made for easy decorations.

I ordered some cheap, but super cute, dinosaur masks from Amazon.* Then used tea cups, along with pearls, and things I already had that looked “dainty” to decorate. The balloon garland was a cheap way to add lots of color and fun.

Fresh flowers added a nice tea party touch.

I hope these ideas inspire you to create your own “Tea Rex” party!

Oh and let’s not forget…this one came from my husband’s imagination. It was for the invitation.

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