Hi there! Me again! I’m going to share with you my natural eye makeup remover recipe. Have you looked at the ingredients on over the counter makeup removers??? I can’t even pronounce most of the words, and it is being placed on my eyes!

This remover works really well, even with waterproof mascara. I’m all for using the most earth friendly products as much as I can. So, slowly but surely I am replacing products with natural alternatives. My husband doesn’t like the smell of witch hazel, but I have yet to find a better product for the job. Witch hazel is also a natural toner. So for now, it remains in my arsenal.

Natural Eye Makeup Remover

  • 1/8 cup witch hazel
  • 1/8 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/8 cup filtered water

Pour all ingredients together in a bottle. Shake well before each use. Place on a cotton ball and sweep over your eyes. 


You can use avocado oil in place of the olive oil.

Even if you do not have these products on hand, coconut oil on a cotton ball will work in a pinch to remove eye makeup. 


Rachel is a Postpartum Nurse of 15+ years. She is also a Spinning Babies® CPE, Childbirth Educator, Published Author, and Recipe Creator. Rachel's passion is to encourage and empower women in all things related to motherhood.


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