Here’s everything you need to know about wearing an abdominal binder after a c-section, from how long you need one, to the best options to choose from. So, should you wear a postpartum belly belt after your c-section?

Besides other cultures that have used some form of a postpartum recovery belt for centuries, a postpartum belt is a relatively new concept to western culture. Here’s what you need to know and why you should wear a postpartum belly belt after your c-section.

New to an abdominal belt? A postpartum belly wrap is an abdominal binder that provides gentle compression and abdominal support after giving birth to your baby. This gentle pressure can help if your body feels like jello and is in need of extra support.

You will notice many different names for postpartum belly belts. Some zip, some velcro, some are adjustable, and some aren’t. From a postpartum girdle to a postpartum corset to a waist trainer, you are basically looking for two things: support that isn’t overly tight and ones that adjust as your stomach muscles recover.

Should you wear a postpartum belly belt after your c-section?

As a postpartum nurse, I have recommended many new moms use a postpartum belly band as their core muscles recover, though it isn’t right for everyone. Mothers who have vaginal births may find a belly binder supportive, though, for some, it puts too much pressure on the pelvic floor. Extra compression on already compromised pelvic floor muscles may delay healing or even cause further injury. Postpartum shapewear may be a good idea for vaginal delivery mamas. These provide a little bit of extra support for the recovery process.

A new mother who gave birth by cesarean section almost always could benefit from a postpartum wrap. With a cesarean delivery, the abdominal muscles are cut open. A c section delivery is major abdominal surgery. Many mothers find that the light compression from an abdominal wrap is the best way to get support and have less pain during the healing process.

How long should I wear a postpartum belly belt after a c-section?

For best results, use your belly belt to give gentle compression to your abdomen. Belly wrapping can relieve lower back pain, and cause less pain overall as your recover. It can encourage improved posture as well.

The sooner you wear a belly wrap after birth, the better. Postpartum belly wraps can be worn as soon as you are moving about after delivery.

Ideally, wraps will work best the first twelve weeks after childbirth, so for the duration of the entire fourth trimester. However, they seem to do the most for a new mama in the first six weeks after birth. This is when we need the most support and also when our uterus is contracting and shrinking the most.

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The Best Postpartum C-Section Belly Bands

1. The Original Belly Bandit

The Belly Bandit is one of the first postpartum period belly wraps made, and I must give credit where credit is due. It is simply designed to wrap around your tummy and hips with a velcro closure to help the recovery process. Breathable fabric helps keep it comfortable throughout the day. The Belly Bandit is a good choice for a basic postpartum belly wrap, but take care not to wear it too tightly. Light support is the best way to recover. One plus of this design is its ability to not sit over the c-section wound if you don’t want it to. Get it here.

should you wear a belly band postpartum

2. 2 in 1 Postpartum Belly Band

The 2-in-1 Postpartum Belly Band made it to this list because of its good ratings and ability to fit within almost anyone’s budget. It includes a separate hip/pelvis belt to wear as needed. You can wear the abdominal binder plus the support belt or only one at a time depending on your personal needs. The 2-in-1 belly band uses hook and eye and velcro for closure. See it here.

postpartum belly wraps c-section

3. Frida Mom C-Section Recovery Band

This band offers gentle support and protection for the c-section incision area. An added bonus is the ability to apply targeted heat or cold to the incisional area to help with pain relief. This band may be the one for you if you feel guarded around your incision. It offers an adjustable strap. This band only provides gentle support. It isn’t strong enough alone to hold in the gut. Get it here.

4. The C-Panty

Ok, so this isn’t an abdominal binder, but it’s one of the number one things my pelvic floor physical therapist recommends to new c-section moms. The C-panty is underwear made especially for the comfort of a c-section incision. It’s the only patented underwear for c-sections that come with a silicone panel to prevent itchiness, sticking, and scarring of the incision. It has a high-waisted design which also provides support right where a c-section mom needs it. These are pricey and cost around $20 per pair, but may be worth the splurge for the first couple of weeks of healing. Find it here.

Should you wear a postpartum belly belt after your c-section?

Yes, a postpartum belly belt can do wonders for a mom recovering from a c-section. It can add just the right amount of support where you feel you can stand up straight while not feeling like your guts are hanging out. The postpartum journey is a time of recovery and healing, and the postpartum support belt can help with that when worn correctly.

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