Here is a compilation of the top 100+ of the best baby middle names for Eloise. 

A new baby girl is on the way! It can be tough to find the best middle name that you feel goes with “Eloise.” Here are 100+ of the best baby middle names for Eloise from a compilation of my postpartum experience, baby name books, and baby name blogs.

You are sure to find some worthy contenders of cute middle baby names in my list below. I understand that it can be so tough to find a perfect middle name that you feel fits with Eloise. To find something that fits with your last name and that hasn’t been used by someone else is challenging. This is especially true if you have ever been a teacher or been around lots of children. It just seems you have a memory attached to so many names!

But no worries! From classic choices to traditional names, and family names there are many great middle names to choose from. I have found the top 100+ baby girl names that can fit your little girl “Eloise.” For many, the name “Eloise” is a family name which makes it a more traditional name that they want to carry on.

Though the first name Eloise has several different meanings (see below), it gives off a classic, sophisticated feel . And “Baby Eloise” is hard to beat as a sweet name for your baby girl. Let’s find a baby’s middle name that can go with the girl’s name “Eloise.”

The middle name Eloise makes a great choice as well. It can give greater diversity to the name selection process if you get stuck. Pairing a short beautiful middle name like Eloise with a longer first name can make a lovely name combination or modern twist on the perfect baby middle name.

100+ of the Best Baby Middle Names for Eloise

Meaning of the Name Eloise

The name Eloise means: famous warrior, wise, or sustained.

Similar names: Eloisa, Eleanor, Lois, Isla

A common nickname of Eloise is “Ellie.” Other nicknames are “Lulu” and “Lua.”

Scripture Verse for Eloise

According to the Name Book, the scripture for Eloise is Psalm 121:5 NKJV, “The Lord is your keeper; the Lord is your shade at your right hand.”

Origin of the Name Eloise

The name Eloise, like many other names, comes with a long history. It is believed “Eloise” is an English name of french origin. It may go back as far as the middle ages with a norman conquest of Europe. If this is the case, it could be derived from the old german name “helewidis” which is believed to be a proto-german translation of the greek word helios.

Eloise is a modern name used often since the 19th century. Early variations include the French version, Héloïse, according to Wikipedia.

Eloise became a popular name making the list of top baby names in 2023. It was #84 which is the highest it has ranked with no signs of slowing down. Eloise has also made its way into popular middle names for baby girls.

Famous People named Eloise

  • Héloïse du Paraclet, was a French nun, philosopher, writer, scholar, and abbess in the 1100’s
  • Eloise Hughes Smith, a survivor of the Titanic 1912
  • Eloise Klein Healy, an American poet
  • Eloise Southby-Halbish, sports commentator and former Australian netball player
  • Countess Eloise of Orange-Nassau, a member of the Dutch Royal Family
what middle names go with eloise

100+ of the Best Baby Middle Names for Eloise

In the list below, I’m sure you will find some of the best middle names for Eloise. I’ve included some old-fashioned names that would fit well with a distinguished first name, but in this list of middle names, you will also find some modern twists to make a unique name for your baby girl.

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Without further ado, let’s find you the perfect baby name for your little girl.

  1. Eloise Marie
  2. Eloise Victoria
  3. Eloise Belle
  4. Eloise Gemma
  5. Eloise Isla
  6. Eloise Charlotte
  7. Eloise Amelia
  8. Eloise Ava
  9. Eloise Sophia
  10. Eloise Lake
  11. Eloise Harper
  12. Eloise Luna
  13. Eloise Camila
  14. Eloise Gianna
  15. Eloise Aria
  16. Eloise Penelope
  17. Eloise Chloe
  18. Eloise Layla
  19. Eloise Mila
  20. Eloise Nora
  21. Eloise Hazel
  22. Eloise Madison
  23. Eloise Grace
  24. Eloise Violet
  25. Eloise Maya
  26. Eloise Natalie
  27. Eloise Kinsley
  28. Eloise Claire
  29. Eloise Audrey
  30. Eloise Ruby
  31. Eloise Brooklyn
  32. Eloise Kennedy
  33. Eloise Madelyn
  34. Eloise Hailey
  35. Eloise Sadie
  36. Eloise Clara
  37. Eloise Piper
  38. Eloise Rilee
  39. Eloise Raelynn
  40. Eloise Hadley
  41. Eloise Rose
  42. Eloise Adalynn
  43. Eloise Arya
  44. Eloise Juniper
  45. Eloise Magnolia
  46. Eloise Adalyn
  47. Eloise Reese
  48. Eloise Kathryn
  49. Eloise Millie
  50. Eloise Ada
  51. Eloise Taylor
  52. Eloise Blake
  53. Eloise Londyn
  54. Eloise Ana
  55. Eloise Sydney
  56. Eloise Brooke
  57. Eloise Adelaide
  58. Eloise Annabelle
  59. Eloise Maggie
  60. Eloise Camille
  61. Eloise Kaylani
  62. Eloise Kali
  63. Eloise Tessa
  64. Eloise Adaline
  65. Eloise Hayden
  66. Eloise Evie
  67. Eloise Blaire
  68. Eloise Hallie
  69. Eloise Mackenna
  70. Eloise Collins
  71. Eloise Palmer
  72. Eloise Brynn
  73. Eloise Gwendolyn
  74. Eloise Joy
  75. Eloise Jordan
  76. Eloise Rosie
  77. Eloise Emory
  78. Eloise Ryan
  79. Eloise May
  80. Eloise Adley
  81. Eloise April
  82. Eloise Ariya
  83. Eloise Anya
  84. Eloise Emberly
  85. Eloise Emmy
  86. Eloise Mara
  87. Eloise Catalina
  88. Eloise Cecilia
  89. Eloise Oaklyn
  90. Eloise Emory
  91. Eloise Charlee
  92. Eloise Margo
  93. Eloise Laurel
  94. Eloise Liv
  95. Eloise Rosa
  96. Eloise Sky
  97. Eloise Jayla
  98. Eloise Lacey
  99. Eloise Drew
  100. Eloise Rosalyn
  101. Eloise Gwen
  102. Eloise Whitley
  103. Eloise Adalee
  104. Eloise Tinsley
  105. Eloise Aniya

100+ of the Best Baby Middle Names for Eloise

Do you have a favorite name? I would love to hear about it in the comment section. You may also like 100+ of the Best Middle Names for Elena.


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