Here’s a simple way to make prosciutto flowers and prosciutto roses.

Prosciutto Flowers are a great way to fancy up a charcuterie board or mini charcuterie box. It’s another way, besides the pepperoni flowers, to arrange smoked or uncured meat.

I’m going to teach you 3 ways to style prosciutto: the fan, the roselet, the ribbon. And a bonus: the seashell. Each of these adds a unique design to charcuterie and cheese boards.

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What Is Prosciutto?

According to Parma Crown, the word “prosciutto” translates to “ham” in Italian. It is made from the hind legs of pigs and is aged through a curing process. Fun Fact: by law, these hams must be cured for at least 400 days before being sold.

Prosciutto When Pregnant

Because many of my readers are also pregnant, I want to make sure to tell you that prosciutto is NOT recommended while pregnant. The CDC recommends that pregnant women do not eat uncured meats such as hot dogs, prosciutto, or luncheon meats unless it has been cooked. These meats can harbor bacteria that can be harmful to you and your baby.

Prosciutto Flowers

  • Applegate Prosciutto (3oz)

This package comes with 6 sheets of prosciutto, which will make six fans, ribbons, roses, or seashells. Costco also sales a larger pack of prosciutto that works wonderfully,

Prosciutto Fans

  • Lay out one sheet of prosciutto. Fold in half long ways. Starting at one side, carefully fold approximately 1/2 inch of prosciutto on top of the long piece. Fold in the opposite way on the other side. (The same way you used to fold a piece of paper into a fan in elementary school). Continue until all of the prosciutto is folded. Pinch the bottom together and lay on your plate.

Prosciutto Roselet

  • Lay out one sheet of prosciutto. Fold one third of the way up longways. Repeat. Slowly roll one end up until you have reached 1/3 of the length. Carefully pick up the prosciutto and continue to roll it while twisting it to give it more shape.

Prosciutto Ribbon

  • Lay out one sheet of prosciutto. These are arranged just like the fan (see above) but sat straight up on the charcuterie board. Setting several ribbons together makes for a lovely and elegant way to serve prosciutto. A ribbon by itself looks a lot to me like a carnation.

Prosciutto Seashell

  • Lay out one sheet of prosciutto. Take one edge and fold up into a triangle. Take the next edge, and fold another triangle (much like you would spanokopita). Once you are half way into the prosciutto sheet, begin to tightly roll the bottom, while leaving the top to roll up loosely. This will give you the seashell look.
I hope you enjoyed these simple ways to style your prosciutto!

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