Here are the 6 Best Diono car seats (convertible seats) reviews for 2022!

Diono is one of the top leading brands in convertible infant car seats. Here is a review of the 6 best Diono car seats and convertible seats, along with my number one choice of the best seat for the price.

Convertible car seats are becoming more popular among parents. They have a larger range of height and weight limits. Many of them start in a rear-facing position but can later be transitioned to forward-facing. The convertible seat also sports booster mode. This allows parents to only need to purchase one car seat for the entire time their child is in need of one.

In fact, Diono’s trademark is “10 years, one car seat.” The convenience of this is great for any parent, but the main reason I like Diono car seat manufacturers is their safety features. Even the most basic Diono all-in-one car seat comes with a steel core (or steel alloy frame) which helps protect your child in the event of a crash. Some of their car seats come with additional safety features that protect in the event of an accident which I will highlight below. These car sear manufacturers are on the path to making the perfect car seat.

I set out on a quest to find the best Diono car seat that had great car seat safety as well as a great car seat review. Though Diono also offers many booster seats, this article will focus on their car seats. But just in case you would like to know what my favorite booster seat is, I’ll include that info at the bottom. I’m reviewing their top 6 convertible car seats and then will pick my favorite based on features for the price. 

diono car seat comparison

For an easy-to-view comparison chart of all the features, see below. 

Ease of Use for Diono Car Seats

All of these Diono seats have a superlatch system that is easy to use, extended rear-facing use (see below), and easy cleaning. Other notable features are that the covers to the car seats are machine washable, Simply throw it in the washing machine and lay it flat to dry. The shell of the car seat is spot clean only. These are also the only car seat I have found that has a slim fit design, meaning if you need three in your back seat at one time, that’s completely doable!

Extended Rear-Facing use is important considering that the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends that babies stay rear-facing in their car seats until two years of age. This can be tough to accomplish with a standard car seat, but the Diono brand is making it easier for parents to accomplish.

You can purchase any of these seats at Diono’s website, but I noticed that Amazon actually offers them for less, so unless there is a promotion happening from Diono, Amazon may be your best bet for the best price.

The 6 Best Diono Car Seats and Convertible Seats Review

Diono 3R

The Diono Radian 3R is the original all-in-one car seat. Weight specs: Minimum weight of 5lbs, max weight 120 lbs. It boasts a slim fit design so if you need a separate car seat, or 2, it will fit well in a car’s back seat. It comes with 5 color options. the Diono 3R has a steel core for safety in the event of a car accident. This is a basic convertible car seat without the bells and whistles, but still a top-of-the-line seat. It sports easy installation, as do all the Diono car seats. Amazon continues to offer this seat for a bit cheaper than Diono’s website. Approximate Cost: $199 Find it here.

Diono 3R
Diono 3R

Diono 3RX

This Diono 3RX infant seat also has a minimum weight of 5lbs and a maximum of 120lbs. It has the same slim fit design as the 3R with the steel core for safety. It comes in 3 color options unlike the 3R’s 5. Plus, the Diono 3RX sports a 12-position headrest. This creates a comfortable fit for rear-facing installations, forward-facing, and booster seat mode. It’s also super easy to adjust. This seat includes the infant head support liner. It adds extra padded support for the comfort of your baby and is easy to remove when it’s time for your infant to transition to a different position. Approximate Cost: $299 Get it here.

diono car seat comparison
Diono 3RX

Diono Radian 3RXT

This Diono Radian 3RXT also is a 10 years, one-car seat model. It is designed to also stay rear-facing for longer and has a slim fit design as the other car seats do. It features a steel reinforced frame for safety and the one hand, easy adjust, 12-position headrest to create a more comfortable fit no matter which stage your child is at. This Diono Radian rxt car seat comes with 5 color options. The 3RXT also comes in a Luxe edition or a Safe+ Edition. Approximate Cost: $349 Find it here.

diono car seat comparison
Diono 3RXT

3RXT Luxe option: $349 

According to Diono, “The Radian® 3RXT Luxe All-in-One car seat is crafted in a striking Black Camo or Black Platinum fashion designed to take pride of place in any vehicle. The luxe collection features premium quality fabrics and considered detailing that is new and exclusive to the 2020 Radian® R Series.” This model includes a back seat organizer with 6 storage pockets and two cup holders. It also features a newborn travel high wedge that creates a lie-flat travel position option for your infant.

3RXT Safe+ option: $349

This 3RXT Safe+ seat includes 8 Upgrades from the Radian® 3RXT – It includes the 12-position, easy-to-adjust headrest, 6 layers of Safe+® Side impact protection and Safe+® testing. According to Diono, it also has a Safe+® steel anti-rebound bar that reduces rebound rotation by up to 50%. There is also the SAFE+® ENGINEERING feature unique which ensures seat testing to the highest safety standards.

Diono Radian 3QX

As with the other Diono seats, the Radian 3QX comes as a 10 years, one-car seat model. It is designed to also stay rear-facing for longer and has a slim fit design as the other car seats do. It features the one hand, easy-adjust, 12-position headrest to create a more comfortable fit no matter which stage your child is at. There are 6 color options, plus the SAFE+® ENGINEERING which features Safe+® steel rear-facing anti-rebound bar, a steel reinforced frame, advanced side impact protection, and Diono SuperLATCH attachment. Approximate Cost: $399 See it here.

diono car seat comparison
Diono 3QX

Diono Radian 3QXT

The Diono Radian 3QXT is one of Diono’s top of the line all-in-one convertible car seats. With extra safety standards like a full steel frame and anti-rebound bar. the rear-facing mode comes with a 12 way easy, adjustable headrest and an infant insert so baby fits perfectly. It also comes in 6 colors. Approximate cost: $449 Click here.

diono car seat comparison
Diono 3QXT

Diono Radian 3QXT+

This Diono Radian 3QXT+ seat features all the 3QXT does plus an AFE+® 2-IN-1 ANTI-REBOUND PANEL AND ADJUSTABLE CALF SUPPORT. The anti-rebound panel reduces rebound by 50% in a crash, and the adjustable calf support and comfort liner provides additional comfort as your baby transitions to forward-facing. This top-of-the-line seat features all of the finest things from Diono including Safe+ Engineering and exclusive premium fashion. It also comes with 2 cupholders and a car seat protector. Approximate Cost: $529 Find it here.

diono car seat comparison
Diono 3QXT+

The Best Diono Car Seat

Alright, the verdict is in. After tons of research on all of the great stuff Diono has to offer, I have picked my favorite overall Diono Car Seat. This is only my opinion and different things work for different families. But based on safety features, design, and price, the best Diono Car Seat in my opinion is the Diono Radian 3RXT. It comes with great safety features and the 12-point adjustable headrest that is vital for my kids as they grow. It helps them sleep better when traveling. Plus, I like the color options. Personally, I don’t feel the need for extra cup holders or an infant leg rest.

diono car seat comparison

The Best Diono Booster Seat

The Diono Cambria is a great basic option for a booster seat. It easily converts from a high back booster to a backless belt-positioning booster seat and also features two retractable cupholders. It also has a six-position, easy-to-adjust headrest. The price is fair at around $100 and it comes in 3 color options. See it here.

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diono car seat comparison

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