Here are 11 of the best baby sleep sacks you should buy in 2024 based on safety and performance (plus baby sleeping bags).

Wearable blankets are currently the safest form of blankets for young babies and older babies. A baby sleep sack takes the place of loose blankets and reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome due to suffocation. Here are 11 of the best baby sleep sacks you should buy in 2024 (plus baby sleeping bags) based on safety and performance.

These sleep sacks are a safer alternative to traditional blankets and a perfect choice to keep baby cozy. As a mother-baby nurse and mom of 3, I love that sleep safety is becoming trendy. I’m including TOG (thermal overall grading) of each option when available. Never heard of TOG, or need a refresher? Please see the chart below.

Baby sleep sacks or baby sleeping bags are available in several varieties for warm weather and cold weather. They provide a good night’s sleep for your baby because it helps them maintain an even, warm body temperature.

The 11 best baby sleep sacks in 2024

1. Nest Designs Sleep Bags

I was recently introduced to Nest Designs, and I admit I couldn’t be more pleased with them. Their fabrics are ultra-soft, their products eco-friendly, and they care about your baby’s safety. Nest Designs sleep bags are either made of 100% organic cotton or bamboo (depending on TOG ratings). Their sleep sacks feature two-way, side zippers which are great for middle-of-the-night diaper changes. The sleeve options are sleeveless, long sleeve, or removable sleeves. I love the removable sleeves option! It is super accommodating to what your baby needs. And the patterns are beautiful! Between matching collections for moms and babies and their recent Eric Carle collection, Nest Designs is my number one choice. You are sure to find your baby’s favorite sleep bag with Nest Designs. TOG rating: 0.23-3.5

nest design sleep bags
Nest Designs Sleep Bag with Removable Sleeves

2. Halo Sleepsack Swaddle

One of the originals and still one of my top picks: this Halo Sleepsack Swaddle has a front zip and features shoulder snaps for easy removal. Halo also offers a wide range of sizes from preemie to five-year-olds so it is always a comfortable fit. And no synthetic materials here! This sleepsack is 100 percent cotton. It is still the top choice of many hospitals. The Halo Sleep company is hard to beat. (Have you seen their swivel bassinets?? Amazing!) They have several designs, sleep safety is their top priority, and the search features on the website are stellar, even allowing you to filter options based on TOG rating. TOG 0.5

3. Burt’s Bees Baby Beekeeper Wearable Blanket

The Burt’s Bees brand has spent years becoming a trusted company for natural, organic, and sustainable products. Their version of the Burt’s Bees Beekeeper wearable baby blanket is no different. It’s made of organic cotton and comes in a variety of cute, calming patterns. It also features an inverted zipper (a zipper that unzips from the bottom up) that makes it possible to only uncover your baby’s legs (as opposed to their entire bodies) for mid-night diaper changes. The sleeveless, breathable material makes it great baby wear for warmer weather and a good warmer temperatures option. TOG 0.5.

4. Halo Sleepsack Fleece Swaddle

This Halo Sleepsack Fleece Swaddle is a warmer swaddle than the halo original sleepsack because it is made of microfleece. This option makes it great for an old house like mine as it gives your baby extra warmth. It has all the same features as the original halo sleepsack swaddles with a wide range of sizes and a front zip-up. TOG 1.0

5. Halo 3-Way Wearable Blanket

Most baby’s do love to be swaddled. It’s a great comfort technique that reminds them of the environment they were in pre-birth. The Halo 3-Way Wearable Blanket is a cross between a swaddle and a sleep sack. Adjustable velcro fasteners allow the baby’s arms to be swaddled in for more comfort. This swaddle also features an inverted zipper for easier diaper changes. It comes in cotton, fleece, and velboa plush dots. TOG 1.5

The 11 Best Baby Sleep Sacks in 2024

6. TILLYOU Cotton Baby Wearable Blanket with 2-Way Zipper

This TILLYOU lightweight sleep sack comes in a matching pack of 2. The patterns are soft in nature and it features a two-way zipper which means it can be zipped up for easy diaper changes or down for removing (whichever you fancy). TILLYOU wearable blankets are made of soft, breathable cotton which makes them extra comfy and a good choice for warmer weather. TOG 0.5

7. Sleepingbaby Zipadee-Zip Sleep Swaddle Transition Blanket

The Sleeping Baby Zipadee-Zip Transitional Blanket. Image from the SleepingBaby Store.

Think swaddle blanket but with room to move. The Sleepingbaby Zipadee-Zip wearable blanket was designed to make a smoother transition for your baby once it’s time to come out of the swaddle blanket. This is much like a wearable blanket but with more room to move around in. The hands and arms are still enclosed like a swaddle, which also makes it a good option for a baby who tends to scratch their face up. The patterns and solid color options are fit for a more modern pallet. TOG 1.0

8. Nested Bean Zen Sack

These Nested Bean Zen Sack’s are weighted blankets designed as sleeveless, cotton sleepers with two-way zippers. This sleep sack was also designed as a transitional blanket after the swaddle. It is the only sleep sack as of now that features a slightly weighted area in the chest to help baby feel your hand is there. I wish this had been available when my firstborn was a baby. He only slept if he could feel my hand on him. Maybe we all would have gotten more sleep if this had been around. Several mothers have said it either works great for your baby or it doesn’t. Some babies just can’t be fooled, but it’s worth a shot if it works for yours. TOG 0.5

9. Muslin Sleeping Bag and Sack

The Muslin Sleeping Bag and Sack is a simple and sustainable sleep sack. The fabric is made from bamboo viscose (70%) and cotton (30%). The result is a silky, soft feel. The muslin softens with each wash and the material is breathable. Bamboo thermal regulates which makes it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Sizes are from 6 months to 4 years with the muslin patterns we have all grown to love. Great for older babies all year round. TOG 0.5

The Best Sleep Bag (Sleeping bags for Baby)

10. Morrison Outdoor Baby Sleeping Bag

For the outdoor adventurer baby! The Morrison Outdoor Baby Sleeping Bag is perfect for cold weather, winter month camping. There is a 20 degree and 40-degree Fahrenheit option. Don’t use this indoors due to the risk of overheating. This is an infant sleeping bag in line with the American Academy of Pediatrics safe sleep guidelines, fits 6-24 months old, and is ideal for a colder climate. It also features open and close cuffs to keep baby’s hands warm.

11. Baby Deedee Sleeping Bag

Baby Deedee created this option to be used outdoors or indoors. The snap design makes it easy to remove from naptime at home, or put on quickly for stroller time on the go! This baby sleeping bag is water-resistant with the option of removable sleeves. Sizes range from 0 months to 36 months. Though Baby Deedee’s sleeping bag option is more inexpensive than Morrison’s, it doesn’t hold up as well in low temperatures. For stroller rides or temperatures from 50-65° Baby Deedee is a great option. For lower temperatures, Morrison is the better option. TOG of 3.5.

The 11 Best Baby Sleep Sacks in 2024

What Is a TOG Rating?

According to the Halo Sleep website, “TOG, or Thermal Overall Grade, is a unit of measurement – originally created in Britain – and used to determine the thermal insulation of a product, usually in clothes. This is relatively common, for example, in baby sleepwear. Generally, with baby sleepwear, the TOG rating corresponds to the temperature the nursery is kept at and which product your little one should wear to stay at an ideal temperature. Remember that TOG ratings stack, so if your baby is wearing two layers of 1.0 TOG, they have a total of 2.0 TOG insulation.”

A lower TOG rating is more ideal for warm, summer months because a nursery will be warmer in temperature. Higher TOG ratings are needed in wearable blankets for the winter months. Cotton sleep sacks generally have a TOG rating of 0.5 and are ideal with indoor temperatures of 75-80 degrees F. Velboa and microfleece sleepsacks have a TOG of 1.0 and are better for temperatures of 72-75 degrees F. 1.5 TOG is great for 68-72 degree temperatures. (See chart below)

Remember TOG builds. If your baby is wearing a fleece sleeper (with a TOG of 1.0) and is also wearing a fleece sleep sack with a TOG of 1.0, then they are dressed in a TOG of 2.0, which is ideal for upper 60-degree temperatures.

Thermal Overall Grade TOG for Baby

Perhaps this thermal overall grading is simply too much, a general rule we mother-baby nurses give to new mothers for dressing their babies is “dress them however mom is comfortable plus one layer.” If mom is comfortable in a tank top and shorts, your baby is comfortable in a onesie or cotton gown and a cotton sleep sack.

The Best Sleep Sack

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends only using a traditional swaddle blanket up to two months of age. This is when a baby is beginning to move more and can get loose from their swaddle. With a sleeping sack, this isn’t a problem.

Are sleep sacks safe for babies who can roll over?

Yes! Unlike the swaddle, the sleep sack is safe for babies who are moving and rolling over. Most sleep sacks enable a baby’s arms to be free so they can position themselves as they would like.

Swaddling is a great comfort technique option for ages two months old and less. It’s very important to learn the right swaddle technique for it to be effective. Get ready to swaddle like a pro! Here I guide you through my 5 step technique that baby’s love! After two months old, sleep sacks are the safest sleep options for babies.

Safe Sleep Guidelines

For baby’s safety, don’t forget safe sleep guidelines: always place baby on their back to sleep on a flat, firm mattress, without any added things in the crib. No fluffy blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, or bumper pads. Make sure cords from baby monitors or white noise machines are out of reach of the crib. These measures alone greatly reduce the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Always unswaddle or remove your baby from a wearable blanket, sleep sack, and sleeping bag BEFORE placing them in their car seat. Failing to do so causes an improper fit which can result in harm in the presence of a car crash.

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