Here is an organized compilation of the top 175+ of the Most Handsome Baby Boy Names. Plus their meaning and origin.

A new baby boy is on the way! It’s a tough job to find the perfect name. and I’m here to help! Here are 175+ of the most handsome baby boy names from a compilation of my postpartum experience, baby name books, and baby name blogs. Plus their meaning and origin.

There are many handsome names to choose from below. I want you to know that I never copy and paste my name lists. It took months for me to pick out names for my kids. I considered picking out a name to be very serious business, and I know you do too. I prayed and pondered for a long time to make sure I had a name that I felt fit their purpose. 

As a postpartum nurse for over a decade, I have had the honor of getting to meet lots of babies and also get some great name combo ideas. From the traditional name to unique names, you have come to the right place. I hope to help you find the right name for your handsome man!

Below you will find names based on Popularity, Biblical Names, Greek Mythology Names, Rare Names, Short Names, and the Overall Most Handsome Boy Names.

175+ of the Most Handsome Baby Boy Names

What does a handsome name mean? Handsome doesn’t only carry with it a connotation of being easy on the eyes, but also a way one carries themselves. A first name or middle name that is “handsome” sets a little boy up for success.

When I hear the word handsome, I’m immediately whisked away to Pride and Prejudice times where the gentlemen are distinguished, full of character, and proper. An attractive name or one of family tradition can certainly be handsome. 

With 175+ different names and their different meaning, I hope to help you make the important decision of what to name your baby.

what is the most handsome baby boy names?

175+ of the Most Handsome Baby Boy Names

The following list is divided into several categories for you. These baby name lists include popular choices, biblical names, short names, Greek mythology names, and then an alphabetized list to make it easier for you to find the perfect baby name. One thing is for sure, they are full of cute baby boy names.

You could always go with a name that literally means “handsome” like Beau or Blake. For a more subtle approach, any of the names below are a great choice.

When debating what is the best boy names, it can help to consider name meanings. The meaning of a name really mattered to me when picking out names for my children. As parents, sometimes we have a “feel” for what our baby will be like. (If you don’t have a feel, that’s ok too!). I wanted to pick a name that I felt went with the personality of the baby I was carrying.

When choosing a name, it also helps to look at your last name and make sure the cute name you choose, doesn’t make some sort of odd word out of the initials.

Without any further ado, let’s get to the best boy names!

175+ of the Most Handsome Baby Boy Names

Popular Choice Name

Looking for a choice among popular names? According to the social security administration, these are the most popular names of the current year in the United States. Many of these names continue to show up from previous years. In other words, these names have been popular off and on for many years. They are a solid choice.

  1. Liam “Strong-Willed Warrior” Irish origin
  2. Noah “Peaceful” Hebrew Name
  3. Oliver “Olive Tree” Old Norse
  4. James “Supplanter” Hebrew origin
  5. Elijah “The Lord is my God” Hebrew origin
  6. William “Resolute Protector” German origin
  7. Henry “Ruler of the Household” German origin
  8. Lucas “Bringer of Light” Latin origin
  9. Benjamen “Son of my Right Hand” Hebrew origin
  10. Theodore “Divine Gift” Greek origin

175+ of the Most Handsome Baby Boy Names

Biblical Name

These names can be found in the Bible and are mostly of Hebrew origin. Names of Biblical origin still make great options for top boy names. They are classic and timeless names that denote steadfastness and other handsome characteristics. Many Biblical names have been such a part of our culture that people are unaware of their origins.

  1. Aaron “Bringer of Light” Hebrew origin
  2. Abraham “Father of the Nations” Hebrew origin
  3. Adam “Formed of Earth” Hebrew origin
  4. Amos “Bearer of a Burden” Hebrew origin
  5. Andrew “Courageous” Greek Origin
  6. Asher “Blessed” Hebrew origin
  7. Benjamen “Son of my Right Hand” Hebrew origin
  8. Cane “Acquired” Hebrew origin
  9. Caleb “Faithful” Hebrew origin
  10. Daniel “God is my Judge” Hebrew origin
  11. David “Beloved” Hebrew origin
  12. Elijah “The Lord is my God” Hebrew origin
  13. Elisha “God is my Salvation” Hebrew origin
  14. Ethan “Steadfast” Hebrew origin
  15. Ezra “Helper” Hebrew origin
  16. Gabriel “Devoted to God” Hebrew origin
  17. Gideon “Tree-cutter/Victorious” Hebrew origin
  18. Isaac “Laughter” Hebrew origin
  19. Isaiah “God is my Salvation” Hebrew origin
  20. Jacob “Supplanter” Hebrew origin
  21. James “Supplanter” Hebrew origin
  22. Joel “The Lord is God” Hebrew origin
  23. John “God is Gracious” Greek origin
  24. Jonah “Dove” Hebrew origin
  25. Joshua “God is my Salvation” Hebrew origin
  26. Judah “Praised” Hebrew origin
  27. Jude “Praised” Hebrew origin
  28. Levi “Harmonious” Hebrew origin
  29. Lucas “Bringer of Light” Latin origin
  30. Luke “Luminous” Greek Origin
  31. Mark “Martial” Latin Origin
  32. Matthew “Gift of God” Hebrew origin
  33. Micah “Who is Like God?” Hebrew origin
  34. Michael “Who is Like God?” Hebrew origin
  35. Nathan “Gift of God” Hebrew origin
  36. Noah “Peaceful” Hebrew origin
  37. Paul “Small” Latin origin
  38. Philip “Lover of Horses” Greek origin
  39. Samuel “God has Heard” Hebrew origin
  40. Stephen “Crowned” Polish origin
  41. Thomas “Twin”  Aramaic origin
  42. Zachary “God has Remembered” Hebrew origin

My favorite name book to find name meanings, along with scripture verses that go with the name is The Name Book.

175+ of the Most Handsome Baby Boy Names

Greek Mythology Name

It’s no secret that with the increasing popularity of the Marvel Universe, Greek mythology names have begun to take off as well. Movies like Thor have introduced interest in Greek mythology stories and the names that accompany them. On top of that, Disney has introduced several series, such as Loki that continues to bring names from the past into the present.

  1. Alexander “Defender of Mankind” Greek origin
  2. Evander “Good man” Greek origin
  3. Griffin “Prince” Welsh origin
  4. Jason “Healer” Greek origin
  5. Luke “Light Giving”  Greek origin
  6. Philip “Friend of Horses” Greek origin
  7. Troy “Steadfast” Irish Gaelic origin
  8. Xander “Defender of Man” Greek origin
  9. Thor “Thunder” Old Norse

175+ of the Most Handsome Baby Boy Names

Rare Handsome Boy Names

Looking for a rare name? Below you will find a list of my favorite rare but handsome names. Some are more trendy than others but not in a way that will puzzle other children when your child says their name. Any of these would make a great choice for your little boy.

  1. Archer “Bowman” Latin origin
  2. Arthur “Bold” English origin
  3. Banks “Edge of the River” English origin
  4. Beck “From the Stream” English origin
  5. Bellamy “Handsome Friend” French origin
  6. Cash “Maker of Chests” English origin
  7. Ezra “Helper” Hebrew origin
  8. Farren “Handsome Servant” Hebrew origin
  9. Ford “River Crossing” Old British origin
  10. Harrison “Son of Harry” English origin
  11. Jace “Healer” Hebrew origin
  12. Mateo “Gift of God” Hebrew origin
  13. Rowan “Red” Irish origin
  14. Sebastian “Venerable” Greek origin

175+ of the Most Handsome Baby Boy Names

Short Handsome Boy Names

Looking for a short name for your baby boy? Short names are a great option if you have a longer last name or are deciding on a longer middle name. Some of these short names also make good options for double names like “John-David.” Any of the following short names are a great choice. 

  1. Alex “Defender of Mankind” Greek origin
  2. Andy “Courageous” Greek origin
  3. Axel “My Father is Peace” Scandinavian origin
  4. Beau “Handsome” French origin
  5. Ben “Son of my Right Hand” Hebrew origin
  6. Chase “Hunter” French origin
  7. Cole “Victory of the People” English origin
  8. Evan “Young Warrior” Irish origin
  9. Ezra “Helper” Hebrew origin
  10. Finn “Fair” Irish origin
  11. Jack “God is Gracious” English origin
  12. James “Supplanter” Hebrew origin
  13. Jett “Black Stone” English origin
  14. John “God is Gracious” Greek origin
  15.  Leo “Lionhearted” Latin origin
  16.  Levi “Harmonious” Hebrew origin
  17.  Luke “Luminous” Greek origin
  18. Marco “Martial” Italian origin
  19. Miles “Merciful” German origin
  20. Noah “Peaceful” Hebrew origin
  21. Omar “Eloquent” Arabic origin
  22. Owen “Distinguished” Greek origin
  23. Quin “Intelligent” Gaelic origin
  24. Ryan “Little King” Irish origin
  25. Sean “God is Gracious” Celtic origin
  26. Will “Resolute Protector” Old German origin

175+ of the Most Handsome Baby Boy Names

Below is an overall list of handsome boy names in alphabetical order. I hope you have found some names to add to your list of favorites!

  1. Abbot “Spiritual Leader” Aramaic origin
  2. Adam “Formed of Earth” Hebrew origin
  3. Aiden “Fire” Irish Gaelic origin
  4. Amadeus “Lover of God” Latin origin
  5. Andrew “Courageous” Greek origin
  6. Asher “Blessed” Hebrew origin
  7. Austin “Renowned” Latin origin
  8. Beckett “From the Stream” Middle English origin
  9. Benjamen “Son of My Right Hand” Hebrew origin
  10. Blake “Attractive” English origin
  11. Bradley “From the Broad Meadow” Old English
  12. Braxton “From Brock’s Town” Old English
  13. Brennan “Little Raven” Irish origin
  14. Brent “From the Steep Hill” English origin
  15. Brock “Badger” Old English origin
  16. Caleb “Faithful” Hebrew origin
  17. Camden “From the Winding Valley” Old English
  18. Cameron “From the Crooked Stream” Scottish name
  19. Carter “Driver of a Cart” Old English
  20. Chad “From the Warrior’s Town” Middle English origin
  21. Chase “Hunter” Old English origin
  22. Christopher “Bearer of Christ” Greek origin
  23. Cole “Victory of the People” English origin
  24. Dalton “From the Valley Town” Old English
  25. Daniel “God is My Judge” Hebrew origin
  26. Darius “Prosperous” Persian origin
  27. David “Beloved” Hebrew origin
  28. Dean “Prosperous” Old English
  29. Dylan “Faithful” Irish origin
  30. Drake “Dragon” Latin origin
  31. Eric “Powerful” Old Norse
  32. Evan “Young Warrior” Irish origin
  33. Everett “Wild Boar” German origin
  34. Ezra “Helper” Hebrew origin
  35. Flynn “Son of a Redhead/Blessed” Irish origin
  36. Gavin “White Hawk” Welsh origin
  37. Grant “Tall” French origin
  38. Grayson “Son of the Bailiff” Middle English
  39. Hayes “From the Hedged Valley” English origin
  40. Holden “From the Valley Hollow” English origin
  41. Hugh “Thoughtful” Old German
  42. Isaac “Laughter” Hebrew origin
  43. Jabari “Fearless” Swahili origin
  44. Jack “God is Gracious” English origin
  45. Jaden “God has Heard” Hebrew origin
  46. Jason “Healer” Greek origin
  47. Joel “The Lord is God” Hebrew origin
  48. Jonathon “Gift of the Lord” Hebrew origin
  49. Judah “Praised” Hebrew origin
  50. Judson “Son of the Praised One” English origin
  51. Justin “Upright” Latin origin
  52. Kai “Willow Tree” Navaho origin
  53. Keith “From the Place of Battle” Scottish origin
  54. Lamont “Lawman” Old Norse
  55. Leif “Beloved” Old Norse
  56. Logan “From the Little Hollow” Scottish origin
  57. Luke “Luminous” Greek origin
  58. Mark “Martial” Latin origin
  59. Micah “Who is Like God?” Hebrew origin
  60. Oliver “Kind and Affectionate” Old Norse
  61. Parker “Guardian of the Park” Middle English
  62. Patrick “Nobleman” Welsh origin
  63. Phillip “Lover of Horses” Greek origin
  64. Preston “From the Priest’s Home” Old English
  65. Rhett “Ardent” Welsh origin
  66. Richard “Powerful Ruler” Old German
  67. Sawyer “Wood Worker” English origin
  68. Scott “From Scotland” Old English
  69. Spenser “Dispenser of Provision” English origin
  70. Tomás “Twin” Portuguese origin
  71. Trent “Rapid Stream” English origin
  72. Victor “Conqueror” Latin origin
  73. Wesley “From the Western Meadow” English origin
  74. William “Resolute Protector” Old German

175+ of the Most Handsome Baby Boy Names

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Did you make it this far? Well done! That’s a lot of names to go through. I hope you found some names you loved and also learned some name meanings. There is a lot to a name! Best wishes to you.


Rachel is a Postpartum Nurse of 15+ years. She is also a Spinning Babies® CPE, Childbirth Educator, Published Author, and Recipe Creator. Rachel's passion is to encourage and empower women in all things related to motherhood.

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