Here is my compilation of 100+ of the best baby middle names for Olivia. Plus the meaning, origin, and scripture verse.

Picking the right middle name is tough! I hope to make that easier for you with this list of 100+ of the best baby middle names for Olivia. We will also look at the meaning of Olivia, plus the origin, and the scripture verse that goes along with this name. Hopefully, all of these things help you land on the right middle name for your baby girl!

Below is a list of the best middle names that you can find. I only pick names that I feel work well with “Baby Olivia,” and I promise you to never copy and paste lists of names. I know you diligently research what to name your baby, and I want you to know, I do the same! I’m here to help you make this important decision and find the perfect name for your baby.

I searched and prayed for months before choosing my baby’s names. I wanted to be sure they had good meanings and also fit the purpose that I felt was on their lives. If you ever feel stuck when looking through these beautiful middle names, I encourage you to look up their meanings as well. Sometimes this alone can help narrow down the options. It’s also a good idea to consider what your child’s initials will be when picking names. You may also consider family names or sibling names. This can be a great way to narrow down your options.  I’m here to help you pick the perfect middle name for the first name Olivia

When picking a middle name, say it several times loudly, like you are calling for your child at the park. Do you like the way it sounds? You will be saying their first and middle name together often.

100+ of the Best Baby Middle Names for Olivia

I happen to love the name Olivia. It belongs to a dear friend’s little girl. I think it is quite versatile and fits well with elegant middle names, cute middle names, unique middle names, one-syllable names, or even a Spanish middle name. This makes Olivia an excellent choice for your baby’s name. 

Meaning of the Name Olivia

The meaning of Olivia is olive tree, peace, or walks with God.

Similar names and alternate spellings: Elivia, Olive, Olivea, Olyvia, Livia

Cute nicknames are Liv, Livy, and Ollie.

Scripture Verse for Olivia

The scripture verse for Olivia from The Name Book (my favorite baby name book) is “The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field. One day a man found the treasure…He was so happy that he went and sold everything he owned to buy that field.” Matthew 13:44 NCV

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Origin of Olivia

Olivia’s name is a latin name that derives from oliva or olive, meaning “olive tree.” Olive trees were a symbol of peace in biblical days, and the name Olivia came to mean emblem of peace. This comes from Noah’s flood (recorded in the book of Genesis) when the dove carried an olive branch sending the message that the flood waters had receded. In Rome and Ancient Greece, the Olive tree symbolized peace and friendship.

Olivia is a classic name and began to become popular thanks to William Shakespeare’s play, Twelfth Night. Because of this, Olivia is often mistaken as an English word, however it is derived from a latin word. Olivia is quickly becoming a traditional name because of it’s popularity.

According to Wikipedia, “Olivia has been a popular name throughout the English-speaking world since the mid-1990s, and has been one of the most popular given names for baby girls in the United Kingdom for much of that time.[4] In 2021, it topped Babycenter’s top 100[5] and was the second most popular name for girls in Australia.[6] Olivia was the most popular name for girls in both the United States, according to the social security administration, and the United Kingdom in 2020. It has also been among the most popular names for girls in many other European countries, Canada and New Zealand in recent years.[7]” Olivia is also among popular middle names.

Famous People Named Olivia

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100+ of the Best Baby Middle Names for Olivia

Below is a lot of baby name inspiration with plenty of sweet middle names for your baby girl Olivia. You will find in the list some of my favorite middle names along with other great middle names to help you in your final decision. Let’s find you the perfect middle name for little Olivia. 

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100+ of the Best Baby Middle Names for Olivia

  1. Olivia Abigail
  2. Olivia Adara
  3. Olivia Adelaide
  4. Olivia Adeline
  5. Olivia Ainsley
  6. Olivia Alexander
  7. Olivia Alice
  8. Olivia Allison
  9. Olivia Amara
  10. Olivia Amber
  11. Olivia Amery
  12. Olivia Amira
  13. Olivia Anne
  14. Olivia Anya
  15. Olivia Ardon
  16. Olivia Ashlynn
  17. Olivia Audrey
  18. Olivia Bailey
  19. Olivia Belle
  20. Olivia Blaine
  21. Olivia Blair
  22. Olivia Blake
  23. Olivia Breanne
  24. Olivia Breck
  25. Olivia Brooke
  26. Olivia Candace
  27. Olivia Chandler
  28. Olivia Charlotte
  29. Olivia Claire
  30. Olivia Danae
  31. Olivia Drew
  32. Olivia Eden
  33. Olivia Eleanor
  34. Olivia Emma
  35. Olivia Evelyn
  36. Olivia Everly
  37. Olivia Faith
  38. Olivia Fallon
  39. Olivia Faye
  40. Olivia Frances
  41. Olivia Ginger
  42. Olivia Grace
  43. Olivia Greer
  44. Olivia Gwynn
  45. Olivia Harper
  46. Olivia Hollis
  47. Olivia Hope
  48. Olivia Jade
  49. Olivia Jane
  50. Olivia Jewel
  51. Olivia Joy
  52. Olivia June
  53. Olivia Kalani
  54. Olivia Katherine
  55. Olivia Kaye
  56. Olivia Kinsey
  57. Olivia Landry
  58. Olivia Lark
  59. Olivia Laurel
  60. Olivia Lee
  61. Olivia Mackenzie
  62. Olivia Macy
  63. Olivia Madelyn
  64. Olivia Madison
  65. Olivia Marie
  66. Olivia May
  67. Olivia Naomi
  68. Olivia Nicole
  69. Olivia Noel
  70. Olivia Oakley
  71. Olivia Oceana
  72. Olivia Paige
  73. Olivia Penelope
  74. Olivia Poppy
  75. Olivia Presley
  76. Olivia Quinn
  77. Olivia Rae
  78. Olivia Raelynn
  79. Olivia Rainey
  80. Olivia Ramone
  81. Olivia Raven
  82. Olivia Reese
  83. Olivia Renee
  84. Olivia River
  85. Olivia Robin
  86. Olivia Rowen
  87. Olivia Rose
  88. Oliva Ruth
  89. Oliva Ryan
  90. Olivia Sadie
  91. Olivia Sierra
  92. Olivia Skye
  93. Olivia Sophia
  94. Olivia Spring
  95. Olivia Taylor
  96. Olivia Topaz
  97. Olivia Valyn
  98. Olivia Violet
  99. Olivia Yasmine
  100. Olivia Zara
  101. Olivia Zelda
  102. Olivia Zendaya

100+ of the Best Baby Middle Names for Olivia

If you made it this far, well done! I know it can be tough to find the right name combo. I hope you find the perfect fit soon! Best wishes to you.

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