From name meaning to origin, and scripture verse, here are 100+ of the Best Baby Middle Names for Kate.

Congrats on your new baby girl! I have put together a list of the top baby names for the lovely name “Kate.” You will find the meaning of her name, the origin, and the scripture verse along with 100+ of the Best Baby Middle Names for Kate.

It can be such a tough decision to pick out the right name for your baby. I certainly thought about it for months when I was pregnant with my own babies. There are so many names to choose from!

Though most expectant parents who come to the hospital know what they are going to name their baby, there are occasionally those who are waiting to see what their baby looks like before making a decision. I’ve had several couples ask me as their postpartum nurse what I thought about name choices. What a weighty question! 

I believe that a child’s name is important. They more than likely carry it with them through life, and I also feel a name can fit their purpose and personality. Obviously, you believe it’s important too or you wouldn’t be here! 

100+ of the Best Baby Middle Names for Kate

How to Choose the Right Name

As I put together this list for you, I carefully thought about names that go with your baby girl. I didn’t copy and paste or willy-nilly write names down. As you pray and ponder about what to name your baby, I encourage you to look up what their middle name would mean. Other ways to find the perfect middle name would be to say your baby’s full name several times in a row. Say it loudly like you are calling for them at a park. Do you like it? 

Another thing to watch for is the initials the first name, middle name, and last name will make. Be sure it doesn’t spell anything you aren’t on board with. Sometimes Kate comes from the name of a family member, and other times it’s used in different ways. Some parents choose baby’s first name to be Kate because it is short for the full first name Katherine or simply because it is found among classic names. Regardless, it’s a beautiful name for your little girl. 

Meaning of the Name Kate

Kate means “innocent,” “pure,” or “godly example.”

Similar Names: Katherine Elizabeth, Katie, Kaylee, Kacia, Cate

Nicknames for Kate: Kat, Kay, Kit-Kat.

Popular Names with the Middle Name Kate: 

  • Ava Kate
  • Avery Kate
  • Ella Kate
  • Lily Kate
  • Lucy Kate
  • Mia Kate
  • Olivia Kate
  • Sophia Kate

100+ of the Best Baby Middle Names for Kate

Scripture Verse

The scripture verse for Kate from The Name Book (my favorite baby name book) is Philippians 2:15 NASB, ” So that you will prove yourself to be blameless and innocent, children of God, above reproach.”

meaning of the name Kate

Origin of the Name

Kate is a form of the given name Kathryn or Caitlin and has been around for centuries. It has English origin, as well as Greek, Latin, Welsh, and Irish. It’s also believed to have origin as a French name. It may come from the Latin “Katharina” as well as the Greek “Aikaterina.”

From family names to royal names, the name “Kate” has established itself as an iconic and classy name.

According to the Social Security Administration, the name Kate was most popular in the 1880s while being the least popular in the 1950s. It became a popular name once again in the 2000s and is currently in the top 1,000 popular girl names. Kate also is a good middle name making it a versatile, feminine name.

Famous People Named Kate

100+ of the Best Baby Middle Names for Kate

Let’s help you find the right middle name for baby Kate. If you are having a hard time finding just the right fit, here’s a reminder: say the name over and over like you are calling your daughter’s name. Do you like it? Do you like the meaning of the middle name you are leaning toward? And lastly, check the initials.

  1. Kate Abigail
  2. Kate Ada
  3. Kate Addison
  4. Kate Adelaide
  5. Kate Adrianna
  6. Kate Aileen
  7. Kate Ainsley
  8. Kate Alexandra
  9. Kate Alianna
  10. Kate Alisa
  11. Kate Allison
  12. Kate Amara
  13. Kate Amber
  14. Kate Amelia
  15. Kate Amery
  16. Kate Amira
  17. Kate Anaiah
  18. Kate Anne
  19. Kate Annabell
  20. Kate Anya
  21. Kate Ardell
  22. Kate Arley
  23. Kate Ashby
  24. Kate Ashley
  25. Kate Ashlynn
  26. Kate Athena
  27. Kate Augusta
  28. Kate Avery
  29. Kate Barclay
  30. Kate Benita
  31. Kate Bethany
  32. Kate Beverly
  33. Kate Bjorn
  34. Kate Blakely
  35. Kate Blanche
  36. Kate Blossom
  37. Kate Breanne
  38. Kate Brenna
  39. Kate Brianna
  40. Kate Brinley
  41. Kate Briona
  42. Kate Brooklyn
  43. Kate Callista
  44. Kate Cambria
  45. Kate Clementine
  46. Kate Collier
  47. Kate Dakota
  48. Kate Damaris
  49. Kate Delaney
  50. Kate Delores
  51. Kate Ebony
  52. Kate Eden
  53. Kate Elaine
  54. Kate Eleanor
  55. Kate Elena
  56. Kate Eliza
  57. Kate Elizabeth
  58. Kate Eloise
  59. Kate Emiliana
  60. Kate Emmet
  61. Kate Erin
  62. Kate Esther
  63. Kate Evelyn
  64. Kate Everly
  65. Kate Fallon
  66. Kate Fiona
  67. Kate Gabrielle
  68. Kate Geneva
  69. Kate Genevieve
  70. Kate Giana
  71. Kate GInger
  72. Kate Greer
  73. Kate Gwynn
  74. Kate Hadassah
  75. Kate Hadley
  76. Kate Halina
  77. Kate Halsey
  78. Kate Hannah
  79. Kate Harmony
  80. Kate Harper
  81. Kate Hartley
  82. Kate Haven
  83. Kate Hillary
  84. Kate Hollis
  85. Kate Iola
  86. Kate Irene
  87. Kate Isabel
  88. Kate Jamila
  89. Kate Janae
  90. Kate Jewel
  91. Kate Juliette
  92. Kate Kalissa
  93. Kate Kelly
  94. Kate Kennedy
  95. Kate Kinslee
  96. Kate Lander
  97. Kate Landry
  98. Kate Laurel
  99. Kate Lennon
  100. Kate Lindsay
  101. Kate Linley
  102. Kate London
  103. Kate Lorelei
  104. Kate Lucille
  105. Kate McKinlee
  106. Kate Madelyn
  107. Kate Margaret
  108. Kate Molly
  109. Kate Nadia
  110. Kate Naomi
  111. Kate Natasha
  112. Kate Nicole
  113. Kate Noel
  114. Kate Oakley
  115. Kate Owen
  116. Kate Paris
  117. Kate Penelope
  118. Kate Quenby
  119. Kate Quinn
  120. Kate Radley
  121. Kate Raeanne
  122. Kate Raelene
  123. Kate Rainey
  124. Kate Raleigh
  125. Kate Ramona
  126. Kate Rayna
  127. Kate Renee
  128. Kate Rose
  129. Kate Rowen
  130. Kate Ruby
  131. Kate Ryan
  132. Kate Savannah
  133. Kate Shelby
  134. Kate Tatiana
  135. Kate Taylor
  136. Kate Tiana
  137. Kate Ulani
  138. Kate Victoria
  139. Kate Virginia
  140. Kate Vivian
  141. Kate Wilder

100+ of the Best Baby Middle Names for Kate

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I hope you enjoyed my list of the best middle names for Kate. It certainly is such a cute name with a touch of sophistication. Best wishes to you as you make your name decision!


Rachel is a Postpartum Nurse of 15+ years. She is also a Spinning Babies® CPE, Childbirth Educator, Published Author, and Recipe Creator. Rachel's passion is to encourage and empower women in all things related to motherhood.

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