Here is a compilation of the top 100+ of the best baby middle names for James. 

A new baby boy is on the way! It can be tough to find middle name suggestions that you feel goes with “James.” Here are 100+ of the best baby middle names for James from a compilation of my postpartum experience, baby name books, and baby name blogs.

You are sure to find some worthy contenders of cute middle names in my list below. I understand that it can be so tough to find a perfect middle name that you feel fits with your first name and your last name. From a classic name to traditional names, and family names there are many great middle names to choose from. I have found the top 100+ baby boy names that can fit your baby James. 

James may be a family name for you. It is for us, and goes back several generations. Keeping with family tradition, “James” has been passed down time and time again, along with several nicknames. If you are looking for something to keep it fresh, there are many strong middle names that go well with James, and also many modern and unique names so you can find the perfect combo for you.

Maybe you want to keep James in the family, but can’t land on a good fit with the name. You could also try making the middle name James to give you more options.

100+ of the Best Middle Names for James

Meaning of the Name James

The name James means: Supplanter or Nurtured.

Simmilar names: Jaimes, Jaymes, Jim, Jimi, Jimmie, Jimm, Jimy

Common nicknames for James is “Jim,” “Jimmy,” “Jay,” or “Jack.”

Scripture Verse for the Name James

According to the Name Book, the scripture for James, is Psalm 23:4 KJV, “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

Origin of the Name James

Unlike many names we see from greek origin, James is known as a biblical boy name. It is derived from the biblical latin form iacobus, from Greek Ἰάκωβος Iakobos, and from the Hebrew name yaakov. This latin name and hebrew word in the old testament translate to “Jacob.”

According to Verywell Family, “Because of its connection to Jacob, James is a Biblical name (of hebrew origin).” James is the Hebrew name Jacob. In fact, they mean the exact same thing. It is said that when King James I had the King James version of the Bible written, he had the name “Jacob” in the new testament replaced with James because it was his own name.

Two of Jesus’ apostles are named James in the new testament (but again can be actually translated as Jacob.) One of which was the brother of Jesus.

Due to its Scottish roots, it also has a royal connotation traced back to the 13th century, It became more widely popularized when the Scottish King James VI took over the English throne in the 17th century. The name “James” has many royal connections as it was carried on for quite some time on the English throne (and among Scottish kings) in European history. It also stuck as Europeans migrated to America, as we can see in several early u.s. presidents having “James” in their name.

The name “James” has certainly stood the test of time. James has been a popular boy name for many decades. James ranks in the top ten for almost ten years in a row! It’s not only a commonly chosen first name but also makes the list of popular middle names. James has even become a popular choice as a gender-neutral name, much like “Jamie.”

Famous People Named James

  • James Madison, (one of several American presidents with James in the name)
  • James Brolin, an American actor
  • James Earl Jones, an American actor
  • James Patterson, an American author
  • James Brown, an American singer and songwriter
  • James Taylor, an American singer and songwriter
  • James Cameron, film director
  • Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds daughters, James

100+ of the Best Middle Names for James

In the following names, I’m sure you will find some of the best middle names for James. I’ve included some old-fashioned names that would fit well with a distinguished first name, but in this list of the top middle names for James, you will also find some modern twists to make a unique name for your baby boy.

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Without further ado, let’s find you the perfect baby name for your little boy.

  1. James Thomas
  2. James Alexander
  3. James Dennis
  4. James Luke
  5. James Noel
  6. James Barrett
  7. James Owen
  8. James Henry
  9. James Ronan
  10. James Noah
  11. James William
  12. James Bailey
  13. James Graydon
  14. James Victor
  15. James Grayson
  16. James Wyatt
  17. James Jones
  18. James Kylar
  19. James Dewey
  20. James Burton
  21. James Daniel
  22. James Brock
  23. James Timothy
  24. James Ethan
  25. James Aaron
  26. James Preston
  27. James Scott
  28. James Arthur
  29. James Anthony
  30. James Paul
  31. James Quinnon
  32. James Brayden
  33. James Brian
  34. James Boston
  35. James Clark
  36. James Shepard
  37. James Crosby
  38. James Breckon
  39. James Stefan
  40. James Van
  41. James Fisher
  42. James Korbin
  43. James Kellen
  44. James Colton
  45. James Allen
  46. James Madden
  47. James Brody
  48. James Wessen
  49. James Bryant
  50. James Dash
  51. James Riggs
  52. James Matthew
  53. James Devon
  54. James Jagger
  55. James Hugh
  56. James Orlando
  57. James Titan
  58. James Mark
  59. James Legacy
  60. James Aidan
  61. James Jaxson
  62. James Bruno
  63. James Michael
  64. James Trenton
  65. James Ander
  66. James Shawn
  67. James Chase
  68. James Taylor
  69. James Justice
  70. James Cayson
  71. James Clay
  72. James Axel
  73. James Nicholas
  74. James Lawrence
  75. James Dorian
  76. James Phillip
  77. James Bodie
  78. James Denver
  79. James Wells
  80. James Deacon
  81. James Conner
  82. James Trevor
  83. James Ford
  84. James Grady
  85. James Lincoln
  86. James Donovan
  87. James Oakle
  88. James Garrett
  89. James Wilder
  90. James Sterling
  91. James Tanner
  92. James Bradley
  93. James Emerson
  94. James Daxton
  95. James Tobias
  96. James Cash
  97. James Holden
  98. James Nash
  99. James Hayes
  100. James Patrick
  101. James Dawson
  102. James Arlo
  103. James Finn
  104. James Gideon
  105. James Kingston

100+ of the Best Middle Names for James

Do you have a favorite that I didn’t list? I would love to hear your choice in the comments. Hopefully, you found some options you loved that made the compilation.

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