Embrace tradition, culture, and meaning! Here’s a compilation of 100+ of the Best Samoan Baby Names for Boys and Girls.

Choosing the perfect name for your baby is a big decision! For those who wish to honor the vibrant culture of Samoa, Samoan baby names offer a beautiful and meaningful choice. Rooted in tradition, these names often carry deep significance related to family, nature, and spirituality. In this blog post, we’ll explore 100+ of the best Samoan baby names (for boys and girls), each with its own unique charm and cultural richness.

Below you will find the different meanings of names along with a list of the best Samoan girl names for your little girl and popular Samoan boy names. There’s also a short list of unisex names. I hope to help you find the perfect name of Samoan origin that represents the Polynesian heritage well! There is also a quick overview of Samoan culture to help parents appreciate the names even more.

Many parents who aren’t pacific islanders have begun to look for a Hawaiian name for their babies thanks to the popularity of Disney’s Moana. Whether you want a powerful name of Hawaiian origin or are looking for the most popular Samoan name, you will find it in the list. Let’s find a lovely Samoan name that’s the perfect choice for your little angel.

100+ of the Best Samoan Baby Names (for boys and girls)

Polynesian baby names often have deep cultural and linguistic meanings. These names are inspired by nature, mythology, and the Polynesian culture. Here are some pacific islander baby names along with their meanings:

Samoan Baby Boy Names:

Whether looking for rare names, a unique name, or a popular name for your baby boy, you will find a great option here! Let’s get you a beautiful Samoan name. 

  1. Tane: Meaning “man” or “god of forests and birds” in Maori mythology.
  2. Kai: Meaning “sea” in Hawaiian and Maori.
  3. Manaia: Meaning “guardian spirit” or “good fortune” in Maori.
  4. Makaio: Meaning “gift from God” in Hawaiian.
  5. Matagi: Meaning “wind” in Samoan.
  6. Sione: Samoan version of the name “John,” meaning “God is gracious.”
  7. Fatu: Meaning “lucky” or “fortunate.”
  8. Laulii: Meaning “small wave” or “gentle wave.”
  9. Tavita: Samoan version of the name “David,” meaning “beloved.”
  10. Siaosi: Samoan version of the name “George,” meaning “farmer” or “earth worker.”
  11. Fale: Meaning “house” or “home,” symbolizing shelter and family.
  12. Aukuso: Meaning “August,” indicating reverence or honor.
  13. Tupuola: Meaning “to grow” or “to increase.”
  14. Mataio: Samoan version of the name “Matthew,” meaning “gift of God.”
  15. Vaega: Meaning “portion” or “share,” signifying a part of something larger.
  16. Alo: Meaning “face” or “presence,” representing identity and visibility.
  17. Lima: Meaning “hand,” a name associated with strength and capability.
  18. Eliki: Samoan version of the name “Elijah,” meaning “my God is Yahweh.”
  19. Moe: Meaning “sleep” or “to rest,” representing tranquility.
  20. Pule: Meaning “chief” or “leader,” denoting authority and responsibility.
  21. Leka: Meaning “lucky” or “fortunate.”
  22. Tama: Meaning “son” or “boy,” a simple and classic name.
  23. Sefo: Samoan version of the name “Joseph,” meaning “God will add.”
  24. Talavou: Meaning “young man” or “youth.”
  25. Viliami: Samoan version of the name “William,” meaning “resolute protection.”
  26. Tafa: Meaning “strong” or “sturdy.”
  27. Malosi: Meaning “strong” or “powerful,” reflecting physical strength.
  28. Tuala: A title used for high chiefs, son of the high chief, also used as a given name.
  29. Mauga: Meaning “mountain” or “high place.”
  30. Faumuina: A chiefly title, also used as a given name.
  31. Poto: Meaning “clever” or “smart.”
  32. Aumua: A title of high chiefly status, also used as a given name.
  33. Fotu: Meaning “to blossom” or “to flourish.”
  34. Vaipuna: Meaning “spring water.”
  35. Misa: A title of high chiefly status, also used as a given name.
  36. Sola: Meaning “sunshine” or “bright light.”
  37. Toa: Meaning “warrior” or “brave.”
  38. Muliagatele: A title of high chiefly status, also used as a given name.
  39. Timo: Meaning “honor” or “respect.”
  40. Leifi: Meaning “happy” or “joyful.”

Samoan Baby Girl Names

Let’s find you a great choice for a Samoan girl’s name. Here is my list of beautiful, Samoan baby girl names.

  1. Moana: Meaning “ocean” in several Polynesian languages, popularized by the Disney movie “Moana.”
  2. Leilani: Meaning “heavenly flower” or “royal child” in Hawaiian.
  3. Aroha: Meaning “love” in Maori.
  4. Lani: Meaning “sky” or “heaven” in Hawaiian.
  5. Hina: Meaning “moon” in Hawaiian and other Polynesian cultures.
  6. Alofa: Meaning “love” or “affection,” a beautiful and positive name.
  7. Malia: Samoan version of the name “Mary,” meaning “beloved.”
  8. Leilua: Meaning “shelter” or “protection.”
  9. Lina: Meaning “angel” or “heavenly.”
  10. Talofa: A common Samoan greeting meaning “hello” or “welcome.”
  11. Sina: Meaning “white” or “bright,” often associated with purity.
  12. Tausala: Meaning “chiefly lady” or “royal woman.”
  13. Manuia: Meaning “blessing” or “good fortune.”
  14. Vaelua: Meaning “water journey” or “river trip.”
  15. Aloiai: Meaning “faithful” or “loyal.”
  16. Falemalu: Meaning “shelter” or “protective house.”
  17. Tautala: Meaning “to speak” or “to talk.”
  18. Moeola: Meaning “dream of life” or “life vision.”
  19. Tinei: Meaning “fine” or “elegant.”
  20. Salaia: Meaning “joyful” or “happy.”
  21. Lalolagi: Meaning “heavenly” or “celestial.”
  22. Amituana’i: Meaning “firstborn” or “eldest.”
  23. Leuluaialii: Meaning “princess” or “royal child.”
  24. Faletolu: Meaning “third child” or “child of three.”
  25. Tulimalefoi: Meaning “beautiful flower” or “blooming blossom.”
  26. Fia: Meaning “desire” or “wishing.”
  27. Loto: Meaning “heart” or “mind,” symbolizing inner feelings.
  28. Tavita: Samoan version of the name “Tabitha,” meaning “gazelle” or “beauty.”
  29. Seini: Samoan version of the name “Jane,” a timeless and classic choice.
  30. Iva: Meaning “vine” or “climbing plant,” representing growth and strength.
  31. Pua: Meaning “flower,” a name that reflects beauty and blossoming.
  32. Mafa: Meaning “delicate” or “gentle.”
  33. Tolovae: Meaning “birdcatcher,” a unique and nature-inspired name.
  34. Salamasina: A historical figure, the daughter of a high chief, and the name signifies royalty.
  35. Vaiana: A variation of the name “Moana,” both meaning “ocean” and evoking a sense of vastness.
  36. Sulieti: Meaning “lily,” a name associated with purity and beauty.
  37. Tulima: Meaning “helpful hands,” a name emphasizing support and assistance.
  38. Valeti: Meaning “princess” or “royal daughter.”
  39. Safua: Meaning “clear sky” or “fine weather.”
  40. Talalelei: Meaning “beautiful” or “attractive.”
  41. Vavega: Meaning “swift” or “fast,” suggesting agility and quickness.
  42. Sasina: Referring to a special kind of shell and symbolizing uniqueness.
  43. Uo: Meaning “rain,” a name associated with nourishment and abundance.
  44. Valasi: Meaning “to bloom” or “to flourish.”
  45. Sinaleti: A combination of “Sina” (moon) and “leti” (flower), creating a poetic and beautiful name.

Unisex Samoan Baby Names

​Unisex names are a great option when you would like the gender to be a surprise. If you’re looking for a gender-neutral name, you’re in the right place!

  1. Kaimana: Meaning “diamond” in Hawaiian.
  2. Kahurangi: Meaning “precious” or “treasure” in Maori.
  3. Aloha: A widely recognized term meaning “love,” “affection,” or “peace” in Hawaiian.
  4. Manu: Meaning “bird” in Hawaiian and Maori.
  5. Tua: Meaning “back” or “end” in Samoan.
  6. Tasi: Meaning “one” or “first.”
  7. Alofaega: Combining “alofa” (love) and “ega” (to be), conveying a sense of being loved.
  8. Vaiala: Meaning “seafarer” or “one who travels by sea.”
  9. Falesefulu: A combination of “fale” (house) and “sefulu” (ten), suggesting a gathering place.
  10. Malo: Meaning “good” or “well,” a positive and uplifting name.
  11. Tavalea: Combining “tavale” (horse) and “a” (to have), signifying someone with the qualities of a horse.
  12. Vave: Meaning “quick” or “fast,” reflecting speed and agility.
  13. Lotoifale: Combining “loto” (heart/mind) and “fale” (house), expressing a harmonious and centered presence.
  14. Faasalalau: Meaning “to wander” or “to roam.”
  15. Moli: Referring to a type of fruit, symbolizing sweetness and abundance.
  16. Levaopolo: A combination of “levao” (lift) and “polo” (to fly), suggesting a free-spirited nature.
  17. Taimane: Meaning “diamond” or “precious,” a name denoting value and uniqueness.
  18. Manuia: Meaning “blessed” or “fortunate,” conveying a sense of well-being.
  19. Papali’i: Referring to a type of headwear, symbolizing distinction or authority.
  20. Vasa: Meaning “ocean” or “sea,” reflecting vastness and depth.
  21. Matautu: A combination of “mata” (eye) and “utu” (payback), symbolizing clear vision and fairness.
  22. Pepe: Meaning “butterfly,” a name associated with transformation and beauty.
  23. Tasioloa: Combining “tasi” (one) and “oloa” (wealth), suggesting a person of singular wealth.
  24. Tausamite: Meaning “twin” or “double,” suitable for those with a sibling connection.
  25. Toleafoa: Referring to a type of fish, symbolizing abundance and fertility.

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100+ of the Best Samoan Baby Names (for boys and girls)

I feel it’s important to also provide an overview of the Samoan culture. This gives the opportunity to deepen the significance of choosing a Samoan baby name.

Samoan Culture

Samoan culture is rich and deeply rooted in traditions. Here are some key aspects of Samoan culture:

  1. Fa’a Samoa (The Samoan Way): This is the traditional Samoan way of life, emphasizing respect for elders, communal living, and strong family ties. Fa’a Samoa is guided by customs, protocols, and social hierarchies.
  2. Extended Families (Aiga): Samoan society is organized around extended families known as “aiga.” These families play a crucial role in providing support, both emotionally and economically. The elders in the family hold significant authority and are highly respected.
  3. Tattooing (Pe’a for Men, Malu for Women): Traditional Samoan tattoos are intricate and have cultural significance. The pe’a is a full-body tattoo for men, while the malu is a thigh and buttocks tattoo for women. These tattoos are a rite of passage and symbolize courage, strength, and identity.
  4. Siva (Dance): Traditional Samoan dance, known as siva, is an essential part of cultural celebrations and ceremonies. It involves graceful movements and often tells stories through dance. The Siva Afi, or fire knife dance, is a particularly famous form of Samoan dance.
  5. Oratory and Chiefly Titles: Oratory skills are highly valued in Samoan culture, and the ability to speak eloquently is a mark of prestige. Chiefly titles, called matai, are also significant and are conferred based on a person’s contributions to the community and their family.
  6. Fale (Traditional Houses): Traditional Samoan houses, called fale, are open-sided structures with thatched roofs. They are designed to promote airflow and reflect the communal nature of Samoan society. Modern homes may differ, but the fale remains an important symbol.
  7. Respect for Nature: Samoan culture has a strong connection to nature, and there is a deep respect for the environment. The islands are known for their lush landscapes, and traditional practices emphasize sustainability and harmony with nature.
  8. Religion: Religion plays a significant role in Samoan tradition, with Christianity being the predominant faith. Sunday is considered a sacred day, and church services are attended by many Samoans.
  9. Kava Ceremony: The drinking of kava, a traditional beverage made from the roots of the kava plant, is an important social and ceremonial activity. It is often consumed during special occasions and gatherings.

Samoan culture is dynamic, evolving with time, while still holding onto its deep-rooted traditions. It is a culture that values community, family, and a strong connection to their land.

Samoan Locations

Samoan people primarily live in the island nations of Samoa and American Samoa. Here’s an overview:

  1. Samoa (formerly Western Samoa): The Independent State of Samoa is located in the South Pacific Ocean. It consists of two main pacific islands, Upolu and Savai’i, along with several smaller islands. The capital city is Apia. Samoans in Samoa are known as Western Samoans.
  2. American Samoa: American Samoa is an unincorporated territory of the United States, situated southeast of Samoa. It includes several islands, with Tutuila being the largest and most populous. The capital of American Samoa is Pago Pago. Samoans in American Samoa are known as Eastern Samoans.

In addition to Samoa and American Samoa, there is a sizable Samoan dispersion in other countries, particularly in the United States, New Zealand, and Australia. Many Samoans have migrated to these countries for various reasons, including economic opportunities and education. In the United States, states such as California, the Hawaiian islands, and Utah have significant Samoan communities.

It’s important to note that while Samoa and American Samoa share cultural and linguistic ties, they have distinct political statuses — Samoa is an independent nation, while American Samoa is a U.S. territory.

Samoan Language

The Samoan language, often referred to as “Gagana Samoa,” is a Polynesian language spoken by the Samoan people. It is the official language of Samoa, an independent nation in the South Pacific, as well as American Samoa, an unincorporated territory of the United States.

100+ of the Best Samoan Baby Names (for boys and girls)

Before choosing a name, it’s essential to consider the specific cultural and linguistic context of the Polynesian region, as names and their meanings can vary between different island nations and communities. Consulting with native speakers or cultural experts can provide valuable insights into the significance of a chosen name if you are able to do so.

Best wishes to you in choosing a name for your baby!


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