5 Cozy Recipes for Rainy Days that won’t disappoint!

The thunder rumbled in the distance. The wind picked up slowly as it tossed the leaves to and fro. I hurried to finish the dishes so I could wholeheartedly enjoy the storms that were about to blow through. It was time to pull out 5 of my favorite cozy recipes for rainy days!

It’s days like these that make me want to grab the fuzzy blankets, dim the lights, make cozy snacks and watch movies with my three children. It’s on these days, I feel incredibly thankful that my at-home schedule is flexible enough to do such a thing!

Recipes to make on a rainy day

Pardon us while we make lifelong memories!

My kids happily oblige. They grab their favorite blankets as we begin to make pallets on the living room floor. Excitedly they ask for homemade popcorn and all kinds of drinks: lemonade, chocolate milk, soda, and water. The rain begins to pour and we snuggle up together. We throw around titles of different movies that will fit the mood. Undoubtedly, arguments ensue as each child has a differing view on which movie is best. I encourage them to come to a compromise, and finally, our rainy movie day begins.

Below are 5 cozy rainy day recipes that have become favorites in our home.

Rainy days have become some of my favorite. I remember one particular day when I was in college. I had walked to classes as the rain poured, but nothing could stop me from my plans once classes ended. Disney’s Cinderella was being released on DVD that day. Cinderella had been my favorite Disney movie when I was a child. I hadn’t watched it in a very long time and I was excited.

I made my way to Wal-Mart in my soaked tennis shoes, picked up the movie off the display, and my rainy, Cinderella afternoon began. With homemade hot chocolate in my hand, I laughed at Gus-Gus and cried when Cinderella’s dreams came true. I’m not sure why that day is etched in my memory. Maybe because my childhood hadn’t been easy. Maybe because it felt like a reset of the things I missed out on. Either way, it was a good day.

So the tradition continues with my children on rainy days: heartwarming movies and cozy foods. I hope your family gets to experience the same!

5 Favorite Cozy Recipes for Rainy Days

1. Homemade Popcorn

Recipes to make on a rainy day

I have been really surprised to hear how many people have never made homemade popcorn. The microwaveable variety has made it so easy not to pop our own. I want to encourage you to try homemade! It’s better than a movie theaters. It takes less than ten minutes, and you can make it as buttery as you want! Careful though, it may ruin the microwaveable kind. Want to take it a step further? This caramel popcorn recipe is amazing!!!

2. Hot Chocolate Bombs

cozy rainy day recipes

Hot Chocolate Bombs are just so magical! They taste amazing and also provide such a fun experience. It’s best to make these ahead of time because they are time-consuming to prepare. But they are worth it! There is nothing quite like watching them slowly open to reveal all of the marshmallow goodness inside. My kids are obsessed with these! Heck, I am too.

3. Buffalo Chicken Dip

cozy recipes for a rainy day

Though this has a bit of a kick, it’s not so much that my kids can’t enjoy it. Chips paired with a warm dip is definitely a movie worthy favorite, and this dip recipe is one of my most requested. Perfect for rainy movie days, sports parties, or Saturday game days.

4. Freshly Baked Cookies

cozy recipes for rainy days

Ok, so technically I’m including two options in this one. These Chocolate Chip Cookies are my most requested recipe to date. The recipe comes from my great grandmother who has forever spoiled many on chocolate chip cookies. I’m so grateful to all she taught me in regards to cooking! Not in the mood for chocolate? Another wonderful, cozy cookie recipe is Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies. These cookies remind me of fall. They are buttery, sweet, and warm the soul!

5. White Chicken Chili

cozy rainy day recipes

This version is made in less than 30 minutes and is packed with flavor! I don’t know that anything says “rainy day recipe” like White Chicken Chili. I experimented with my recipe until it was my favorite. And I love that I can throw it together quickly, but the flavor profile says, “I simmered for hours.”

Do you have favorite cozy, rainy day recipes or traditions you do with your family? I would love to hear them!

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